Sexual Behaviors

The MUSC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab (SBCL) is specifically designed and operates to evaluate and treat human sexual behavior disorders to include paraphilic disorders and other problematic, abusive, and criminal offense activities for clinical, forensic, and research purposes.

SBCL evaluations typically include clinical and forensic interviews; psychological assessment; and physiological assessment.  The SBCL includes a penile plethysmography (PPG) lab certified as a "Clinical and Research Laboratory" by Limestone Technologies; research certification is the highest level possible.  It is one of only tow such certified labs in South Carolina and one of the few on the East Coast.

The SBCL is also one of the few labs in North America with the capacity to conduct photo-vaginal plethysmography, which is currently used for research purposes.

The SBCL has provided services to criminal, civil, and family court systems; other state agencies including the South Carolina Attorney General's Office, Department of Mental Health, Department of Juvenile Justice, and Department of Social Services; and individual and institutional treatment providers.  The SBCL conducts both treatment and forensic evaluations to include evaluations pursuant to the South Carolina Sexually Violent Predator Act civil commitment and release proceedings.

Emily Gottfried, Ph.D. serves as the Director of MUSC's SBCL. For additional information or to request services: Please contact Heather Plunkett, Administrative Coordinator, at 843-792-1461 or via email at