Department of Public Health Sciences hero with group of students in robes.

Strategic Plan

At the Departmental retreat in 2015, a Strategic Plan (PDF) was developed to guide the Department in reaching its mission, vision, and values. Part of this plan were five overall science goals for the Department.

  • To Lead in Public Health Focused Team Science to Advance Knowledge
  • Foster Education at Multiple Levels
  • Enhance Community Engaged Research and Service
  • Strengthen National and International Reputation
  • Promote and Enhance Health Equity

For each of these goals strategic objectives were created, and from these a list of priority objectives were crafted to guide Departmental actions.

  • Improve the Department mentoring program and evaluation
  • Increase the percentage of graduates working in the field of Public Health
  • Foster high-impact health and health disparity research by expanding the number of well-trained researchers from diverse backgrounds
  • Increase the number and proportion of DPHS faculty who are co-investigators (i.e. named key personnel) funding on public health projects
  • Engage the following communities as partners in the DPHS research Enterprise:
    • Local Community
    • Policy Makers
    • Health Care Providers

From these priority objectives, initiatives are being carried out. More detailed information about our strategic plan including all of the Department's goals, strategic goals, priority objectives, and initiatives can be found in our Strategic Plan (PDF).