NIDA T32 Training Grant

The NIDA training grant is available for predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows interested in gaining knowledge and experience in conducting independent basic and/or clinical substance abuse research. The program places emphasis on the development of research skills, including grant writing and subsequent communication of research results at national meetings, and in professional journals. Trainees are provided with mentorship and direct training, as well as didactic lessons that educate trainees in substance use disorder research.

The program is unique in that it stresses the sharing of information of basic and clinical research findings. This process is achieved in part because the majority of clinical and basic faculty and fellows are housed in close proximity to one another, thus facilitating daily interactions of scientists. The program is augmented by a robust Addiction Research Seminar series in which trainees have the opportunity to interact with high-profile extramural addiction researchers.

Eligibility: T32 support is limited to US citizens or permanent residents. There is a five-year limit of predoctoral and a three-year limit on postdoctoral support from T32 funds or those provided by F31/F32 fellowships.

Jacqueline F. McGinty, Ph.D.
Director, NIDA Training Grant
Department of Neurosciences
Medical University of South Carolina
173 Ashley Avenue
MSC 510
Charleston, SC 29425