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Let the BMIC Service Center help you today. We are staffed with an extraordinarily talented group of IT professionals that will get the job done. Services include…

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REDCap Custom Builds

Let the REDCap experts do the work for you. We will take your requirements and build your database or survey for you. We can do branching logic, calculations, scheduled surveys, and reminders – everything REDCap can do we have the experience to do it for you.

REDCap Extensions & Custom Programming

Does REDCap do 95 percent of what you want but you would like it to do a little more? We can create custom programming solutions using REDCap and its API (automated programming interface) or using other methods deemed reasonable. Development staff will take your requirements and turn them into something new.

Epic Configuration

Need custom best practice alerts (BPA) and inbox notifications? Flowsheets? Questionnaires? Custom or recruitment reports? Patient registries? We can do it all.

Custom Programming

We can build you any tool or web application using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and MySQL. Our development staff has the resources and knowledge to create something wonderful for you. We can also update/create additions to existing PHP and Python applications for you.

Research Data Requests

Need to wrangle something out of the MUSC clinical data warehouse or easily out of Epic? Our data team can create all the reporting that you need including repeated deliveries.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Need access to data that is only captured in clinical notes? Let our team help get you your data faster and eliminate the time-consuming need to read through all those notes manually.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Services provided by the AI Program include machine learning including deep learning for both structured and unstructured data, such as text and images. These consultations could be for applying AI-based methods to current or future research. These methods include, but are not limited to, machine learning and deep learning for a variety of data types including EHR data, clinical text, images or other data types. The service will help with determination of potential success/appropriateness of applying AI methods to proposed research; refining research question/approach to one more suitable to AI methods; identifying resources such as collaborators and/or funding mechanisms.

For more information about AI activities on campus see the AI Hub (

ETL/Data Marts

Need help consolidating multiple spreadsheets and data sets? Our team can help you consolidate your data while designing an optimal data structure that will support your team’s needs.

Server Infrastructure & Management

We offer talented systems administrators. Don’t hire a full time FTE when we can provide services to you at a fraction of the cost. Examples include file shares, web servers, database servers, etc. If you need to run a server but don’t have the time or expertise, let us do it for you. We specialize in Linux but can handle Windows administration as well.

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