Research Excellence Nominations

The College of Medicine invites nominations for noteworthy scientific publications on research conducted by MUSC researchers and conducted at MUSC. Nominations are accepted for publications that have appeared in high impact journals within the previous nine months on which an MUSC faculty member was the senior or last author, and for which the majority of the work was conducted while at MUSC. The honorees are announced at the Dean’s Executive Committee, highlighted in the COM Weekly Update and other communications, and are recognized with a plaque in the Dean’s office.

Nominations, including self-nominations, are welcome from anyone in the College of Medicine. (Please note: Publications on research primarily conducted while at other institutions are not eligible.)  Awardees may not submit for two years.

A request for nominations is typically announced in the months of March, July and November via email and the Dean’s newsletter.

Nominators should forward the name of the nominee and the original publication (not PubMed) for which the PI is being nominated (one nomination per PI). Although not required, you may include a brief note of support detailing why you feel the paper is particularly noteworthy, and that will be considered as well.  Articles designated “ahead of, advance access, or in press” should be held and submitted with the full publication on the next appropriate cycle.

For additional information, please contact Mary McConnell in the Dean's Office.

Programming Quick Reference:

Bridge Funding - April 15th; August 15th; December 15th

High Impact Research Publications - April 15th; August 15th; December 15th

K-R Clinician Scientist Bridge Funding - December 15th

COMETS - September 15th

Translational Team Science - March 1st

COM-PPG - July 15th

Notes:   Program announcements are made in the Dean’s weekly newsletter sent via email to all COM employees.

If due date falls on a weekend the following Monday is the due date. All dates subject to change.