Life After Residency

Neurology residents posing at an event

MUSC Neurology Alumni

Below is a list of where our residents have gone after graduation. Many stay at MUSC while others go to outstanding fellowships across the country. Some of our residents have also decided to enter clinical care immediately after graduation.



Muayad Alzuabi, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles

Anna Bashmakov, D.O. – Neurocritical Care Fellowship, University of Texas, Southwestern

Angel Cadena, M.D. – Vascular Neurology Fellowship, Columbia University

Jessica Decker, D.O. – Movement Disorders Fellowship, Oregon Health & Science University

Benjamin Jewett, M.D. – Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, MUSC

Ashley Nelson, D.O. – Neurocritical Care Fellowship, University of Rochester and Neuroendovascular Fellowship, MUSC

Cori Polonski, M.D. – Neuroimmunology Fellowship, University of Utah

Mark Rosenberg, M.D. – Faculty, Aerospace Neurology, MUSC


Lauren Crawford, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, MUSC

Isaac Goldszer, M.D. – Movement Disorders Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Paul Gonzalez, D.O. – Epilepsy Fellowship, MUSC

Ganga Navada, M.D. – Neurocritical Care Fellowship, MUSC

Kyle Paulk, M.D. – Movement Disorders Fellowship, Oregon Health & Science University

Joseph Ta, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, Vanderbilt University


Line Abdul Rahman, M.D. – Vascular Neurology Fellowship, MUSC

Morgan Baki, D.O. – Vascular Neurology Fellowship, Vanderbilt University

Carlos Gonzalez, M.D. – Private Practice, Orlando, FL

Cassie Nankee, M.D. – Vascular Neurology Fellowship, MUSC

Alexandra Parashos, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, MUSC

Shirani Rajan, M.D. – Neurophysiology Fellowship, MUSC


Eyad Almallouhi, M.D. – Vascular Neurology and Neuroendovascular Fellowships, MUSC

Jonah Fox, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, Vanderbilt University

Shaun Ajinkya, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Adam Greenblatt, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania

Jackie Koshorek, D.O. – Neuroimmunology Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University

Jimmy Suh, M.D. – Neurocritical Care Fellowship, Emory University


Mohamad Anandani, M.D. – Neurocritical Care Fellowship at Washington University of St Louis, Neuroendovascular Fellowship at MUSC

Pramod Chopade, M.D. – Private Practice, Hilton Head, SC

Disha Kohli, M.D. – Neurophysiology Fellowship, MUSC

Ezechquiel Gleichgerrcht, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, MUSC

Yser Orabi, M.D. – Neurocritical Care Fellowship, Duke

Mohamad Rahwan, M.D. – Epilepsy Fellowship, MUSC

Michael Schecter, M.D. – Neurohospitalist, Charlotte, NC