Medical research can lead to new treatments and medications that can potentially help millions of people. At the Storm Eye Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina, we value our commitment to be at the forefront of vision research. We continually seek out research opportunities in an effort to ultimately eliminate the many eye diseases that rob so many people of their sight.

Leading these research efforts are outstanding scientists and clinicians utilizing the most advanced technologies. Many of our treatment methods are now standard protocol at eye centers across the country and around the world.

One of the areas of research includes age-related macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration causes permanent loss of central vision and legal blindness. Our nationally recognized investigators at the Storm Eye Institute are studying how genetic mutations and changes in retinal metabolism lead to retinal degeneration. The impact of these studies will improve our ability to predict vision loss in individuals, and identify new therapies for the treatment of macular degeneration, and other retinal diseases.

Our doctors continually adapt these new research advances to ensure the best possible care of our patients. And, ultimately, our patients will benefit with a picture perfect view of the world.

Research Faculty

Yiannis Koutalos 

Yiannis Koutalos, Ph.D.

Gloriane Schnabolk 

Gloriane Schnabolk, Ph.D.

Shahid Husain 

Shahid Husain, Ph.D.

Jie Fan 

Jie Fan, Ph.D.

Rupal Trived 

Rupal Trivedi, Ph.D.

Baerbel Rohrer 

Baerbel Rohrer, Ph.D.

Masahiro Kono 

Masahiro Kono, Ph.D.