South Carolina Pediatric Practice Research Network

South Carolina Map of Pediatric Research Network LocationsThe mission of the South Carolina Pediatric Practice Research Network (SCPPRN) is to improve health care for South Carolina children, with special attention to those most at risk, and to enhance primary care practice by conducting collaborative practice-based research.

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About Us

The South Carolina Pediatric Practice Research Network (SCPPRN) is a practice-based research network established by concerned primary care physicians who see a need for outcomes-based research that is "relevant" to their practice. The network is community-wide with participation of independent practices and their clinicians from Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

What does SCPPRN do?
We develop substantive and practical research activity across practice settings for all primary care Pediatricians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in primary care throughout the southeastern region of South Carolina. Members can choose their level of participation in all activities to match their interests, practice setting, and time commitments.

Who is eligible to join and how much time is involved?
Any physician, physician assistant, and/or nurse practitioner involved in the delivery of primary care. Individuals or entire practices may join. There is no cost to be a participating member of the network. The only requirement we ask initially is that all members complete a questionnaire that asks about your training, research experience, and the characteristics of your practice.

Why should you (your practice) join SCPPRN?
Have you ever had a question pertaining to your patients that hasn't been addressed in the medical literature? Does the research literature that you read seem like it does not apply to your patients? Many great ideas start with a question such as: "How can we make this better?" or "Why can't we change this?" SCPPRN has the tools to take you beyond the questions and toward the answers. As a group of practicing primary care Pediatricians, we realize the need for practice-based research.

As a practitioner, you possess expertise on how "front line" medicine operates and know research questions are important for primary care practice. By linking you with the experts in study design and research methodology, SCPPRN capitalizes on your expertise and lets you participate in generating new knowledge about primary care practice. We encourage as much network practitioner involvement in the design and conduct of research. Your participation at any level is vital to the planning and continuation of a successful practice-based research network in our community. All network members are invited to author or co-author any publications, if they are interested.

Contact Us

Medical University of South Carolina
135 Rutledge Avenue, MSC 207
Charleston, SC 29425

James R. Roberts, M.D., MPH

SCPPRN Director
Phone: 843-876-8512

Erin H. Dawley, B.A.

SCPPRN Coordinator
Phone: 843-792-2542

Danyel Dantzler, BS, MS
SCPPRN Research Assistant
Phone: 843-876-9328

Beth S. O'Brien, BSN, RN

SCPPRN Research Staff
Phone: 843-876-0219

SCPPRN Research Projects

Current Projects

SCPPRN Executive Committee Members

SCPPRN Network Practices and Practice Representatives

Barnwell Pediatrics
Barnwell, SC
Bryan Burnett, M.D.

Beaufort Pediatrics
Beaufort, SC

Charles Towne Pediatrics
Charleston, SC
Helen Reed Bertrand, M.D.

Coastal Pediatrics
Charleston, SC
Robert Clifford, M.D.

Georgetown Pediatrics
Georgetown, SC
Kaicee Ponds Richardson, M.D.

Inlet Pediatrics
Murrells Inlet, SC
Amanda Droseiko, M.D.

Lowcountry Pediatrics
Goose Creek, SC
Zoe Pogue, M.D.

MUSC Children's Care
Moncks Corner, SC
North Charleston, SC
Henry Lemon, M.D.
Luke Edmondson, M.D.

MUSC Pediatric Primary Care
Charleston, SC
Kristina Gustafson, M.D.

Oakbrook Pediatrics
Summerville, SC
Mary Kate Tillman, M.D.

Palmetto Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic
Columbia, SC
Deborah M. Greenhouse, M.D.

Pelican Pediatrics
Charleston, SC
Eliza Varadi, M.D.

Riverside Pediatrics
Georgetown, SC
Michelle Steffen, M.D.

Salerno Pediatrics
Hilton Head Island, SC
Peter Salerno, M.D.

Sweetgrass Pediatrics
Moncks Corner, SC
North Charleston, SC
Summerville, SC
Colleen Boylston, M.D.