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Medical Students

Welcome to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Department of Medicine medical student website. We are genuinely delighted to have you join us. MUSC’s Department of Medicine is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for our medical students. Over the next two years, the Department of Medicine hopes to foster your acquisition of fundamental skills, expansion of medical knowledge, and personal and professional development. We wish you the most exciting, stimulating, rewarding, and transforming experience possible.

Clerkships & Sub-Internships

Third Year Clerkship:

The MUSC Internal Medicine clerkship is one of seven required clerkships for third year medical students. This clerkship is composed of eight weeks of internal medicine, which includes six weeks of inpatient internal medicine and two weeks of ambulatory medicine. During the Medicine clerkship, students will acquire patient care skills, professional behaviors, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, practice-based lifelong learning and system-based practice skills that are necessary to evaluate and deliver safe, quality and evidence-based care for adult patients under the consistent supervision of residents and attending physicians.

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Third Year Selectives: Junior Selectives are intended for career exploration within the different subspecialties in the Department of Medicine. 

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Fourth Year Sub-Internship:

The Internal Medicine Sub-Internship is structured to provide fourth-year students a broad-based experience in managing acutely ill general medicine inpatients. The rotation provides each extern with “the intern” experience, intended to focus on higher-level skills necessary for internship.  Specifically, this rotation provides experience in the following entrustable professional activities: order entry, patient handoffs, history and physical exams, differential diagnosis prioritization, and documentation.

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Fourth Year Electives: This four-week rotation is an opportunity for students to develop their clinical skills on Internal Medicine subspecialty consultative services. Find out More

Sub Interest Groups

Internal Medicine Student Interest Group:

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is a student-led organization to help students explore careers in Internal Medicine Subspecialties (Cardiology, GI, Hematology/Oncology, and more) as well as General Internal Medicine and Hospitalist Medicine. IMIG hosts 2-3 meetings per semester with attending physicians to help students gain insight into careers, plan for residency, and create networking opportunities. The organization is also involved in clinical skills workshops, regional research conferences, and service events in the Charleston communities. 

Vertical Integration Grand Rounds:

Vertical Integration Grand Rounds (VIGR) is an interactive, case-based conference designed to help students focus on the relationship between basic science and clinical medicine topics.  First through fourth-year medical students participate in this monthly conference led by a clinical medical student under the supervision of a DOM faculty member. 

Visiting Students

The Department of Medicine follows the MUSC College of Medicine’s Visiting Student Policy. Find out More.


Career Advising: MUSC students perform very well in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) for Internal Medicine residency. The Department of Medicine has several career advisors to meet with students and help in their planning and application process.