Accelerated Medical Pathway

The COM Accelerated Medical Pathway (AMP) offer students the opportunity to meet graduation requirements in three years and enter a conditional residency position in one of 9 participating residency programs at MUSC. AMP aligns with MUSC’s mission of retaining trainees for the state’s physician workforce. All students in the MD program complete the same preclerkship phase curriculum. Eligibility and continued participation is based on sustained demonstration of outstanding academic and professional performance. Students accepted into the program will complete all clerkships, 4 weeks of selectives, an AMP selective, and tailored courses during the final enrichment phase.

Accelerated Medical Pathway

COM Accelerated Medical Pathway 3 year Curriculum Schematic

Traditional 4-Year Pathway

College of Medicine Flex Timeline chart.

Participating Residency Programs

List of participating residency programs and number of spots available.


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