Current Wellness Programs/Initiatives

Team Pep Talk during COM Cup

  • Mental Wellbeing Discussion Series – monthly discussions revolving around topics such as work/life balance, stress management, preventing burnout, and more
  • COM Cup – The College of Medicine’s annual health and wellness day held each spring. This is a day of friendly competition amongst treehouses and to spend time with students and faculty.
  • Personal Wellness Plans (PWPs) – Each medical student is encouraged to fill out a personal wellness plan at the beginning of their first year. These are templates designed to outline your wellness goals and asks you how you will manage stress. It is encouraged that students revisit these plans periodically as they go through medical school into residency and beyond.
  • Financial Literacy workshops – Held annually for each class of medical students. These workshops include topics such as finding a financial advisor, student debt repayment, insurance and more.
  • Wellness Challenges – Held periodically to challenge students to get active

COM Cup Hula Hoop Competition
COM Cup Inflatables Race