Medical Education Division

About Us 

The faculty, residents, and fellows of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Science are actively involved in all four years of the College of Medicine Curriculum, formally and informally. Our mission is to introduce you to the role of imaging in modern medicine and make you a better consumer of our imaging services. By the end of your four years at MUSC, you will understand the central role of imaging in 21st century patient care, be conversant with the language of imaging, have a solid grasp of radiologic anatomy, be able to use an ultrasound at the bedside, be able to access tools about imaging examinations so that you can prepare your patients for common imaging procedures and utilize appropriate imaging examinations for common clinical scenarios, be able to limit potential harm to patients through knowledge of imaging safety, and be able to recognize common pathologic processes on imaging.

Leonie Gordon, M.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Vice Chair of the Medical Education Division
Professor and Director of MUSC Nuclear Medicine

Jeanne Hill, M.D.
Director of Medical Student Education in Radiology
Professor and Director of MUSC Pediatric Radiology

Tiana Keener
Medical Student Coordinator
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