Emergency Medicine Telemedicine/Telehealth Division

Dr. Marc Bartman
Marc T. Bartman, M.D., FACEP
Director, Emergency Telemedicine Services

Jeanhyong Danny Park, M.D., FACEP
Director of Innovation, Emergency Telemedicine Services
Director of EM Clinical Informatics

Dr. Mitali Mehta

Mitali Mehta, M.D.
Director of Education, Emergency Telemedicine Services

Emergency Telemedicine Services 

The Emergency Department (ED) is a dynamic work environment affected by numerous internal and external system factors.  These factors lead to fluctuations in available space and staff and have a profound impact on ED quality metrics.  Our objective is to buffer these two key components by improving efficiency of care through the utilization of a virtual care platform.  In collaboration with the MUSC Center for Telehealth, we will be launching the virtual health platform created by Andor Health.™   Andor leverages OpenAI and healthcare trained GPT models, allowing us to transform our existing Emergency Department workflows by utilizing a digital front door and virtual waiting room.  This tech will help us improve patient and family engagement, perform patient care in non-traditional treatment spaces, leverage a system-ness approach for staffing efficiency and expand the reach of our providers from pre-hospital to post-discharge.