People having dinner together to practice healthy practices as they age.

About the Center for Healthy Aging

A group of women pose as they wrap up walking a path.

The MUSC Center for Healthy Aging is an expansion of the MUSC Center on Aging that has served seniors in the Lowcountry since 1987. The Center for Healthy Aging will build on partnerships, education, and outreach cultivated through the Center on Aging.

In alignment with the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing, the MUSC Center for Healthy Aging focuses on all aspects of healthy aging with an understanding that aging begins at birth, and healthy aging strategies must reach across the entire lifespan. 

With its broad focus on all areas of aging research and clinical care, the center will be focused on improving the lives of South Carolinians, their families and caregivers, and those across the nation and the globe.

Research & Events

The MUSC Center for Healthy Aging will host and partner on healthy aging events and education for the South Carolina community, including hosting its annual Senior Expo.

The center will also leverage research expertise at MUSC in several key areas for future discoveries related to health and aging, including:

  • Pilot awards to fund research
  • A monthly seminar series
  • A monthly journal club
  • Outreach and education events

National Alignment

The MUSC Center for Healthy Aging aligns with the focus of several national organizations serving seniors, including: