Emergency Medicine Administrative Staff Directory 

General Administrative Office Address

Emergency Medicine
169 Ashley Avenue
MSC 300 Room NT265
Charleston, SC 29425

General Information, not patient-related: 843-792-9705
Main Fax Line: 843-792-9706

Patient Information, dial hospital operator: 843-792-2300
Patient Medical Records, 843-792-3881

Residency Program Office Address

Emergency Medicine Residency Program
169 Ashley Avenue
MSC 300 Room NT265
Charleston, SC 29425

Administrative Staff

Renee McNeill, MHA, FACHE
Department Administrator
Administrative Support Supervisor

Demeka "Dee" Cobb, Administrative Coordinator 
Assistant to the Chair, Diann M. Krywko, M.D., FACEP, FAAEM
   Faculty Contract & Evaluation Coordinator

Faculty Support to Medical Directors:
        Dustin P. LeBlanc, M.D., FAEMS
   Chief Medical Officer, ATC and Emergency Management
           Director, Prehospital Medicine   
   Medical Director, Emergency Preparedness
   Medical Director, Special Event Medicine 
        Andrew J. Matuskowitz, M.D.
   Medical Director, ED Informatics 
        Morsal Tahouni, M.D.
            Medical Director, Emergency Department
         Kevin T. Dyer, M.D. 
   Assistant Medical Co-Director, Emergency Department
Cynthia M. Oliva, M.D., RDCS, RDMS
            Assistant Medical Co-Director, Emergency Department


Pam Mead, MHA, Administrative Assistant
New Hire & Credentialing Coordinator
Facilities Management Coordinator

Faculty Support to:
Marc T. Bartman, M.D.  J. Danny Park, M.D., FACEP
        Yalani L. Vanzura, M.D.
        Julia A. West, M.D.
   Director, Wellness, Health, and Resilience
Elizabeth E. Winton, M.D.


Melanie Pigott, BA, C-TAGME, Program Coordinator

Residency Program Coordinator
Medical Student Education Coordinator (Clerkship)
Grand Rounds Coordinator 

Faculty Support to:
Jeffrey S. Bush, M.D., FACEP
   Director, Residency Program
Simon C. Watson, M.D., FACEP
   Associate Director, Residency Program
   Director, Medical Student Education (Clerkship)
Lindsey K. Jennings, M.D., MPH
   Assistant Director, Residency Program 
Morsal R. Tahouni, M.D.
   Director, Simulation Based Education

Amy Robison, AS, Administrative Coordinator
Promotion & Tenure Coordinator
Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Coordinator
Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Coordinator
Communications & Events Coordinator

Faculty Support to:
Ryan M. Barnes, D.O.
  Director, Emergency Ultrasound
Christine M. Carr, M.D., CPE, FACEP
        Earl Quinn Cummings V, M.D.
           Director, Resident Ultrasound Education
       Gregory A. Hall, M.D., MHA, FACEP Co-Chair, Promotion & Tenure Committee Kathryn Koval, M.D., MPH Director, Global Emergency Medicine    Director, Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship
        Cynthia M. Oliva, M.D., RDCS, RDMS
           Director, Ultrasound-Guided IV Program
           Core Ultrasound Faculty   
Bradley C. Presley, M.D., RDMS
   Co-Chair, Promotion & Tenure Committee
   Core Ultrasound Faculty (VA ED)
Aalap Shah, M.D., FACEP, FPD-AEMUS
            Director, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Rebecca Teague, M.D.        


Jennifer Smith, MBA, Accounting/Manager I
Grants Reporting, Support and Reimbursement Coordinator
Accounts Payable & Grants Reconciliations
Purchasing and Reimbursement Coordinator, Purchasing Card Liaison
Research Support Supervisor