Current Radiology Residents

Fourth Year Residents:

Class Interests:
Some of our class were not new to Charleston, having completed their clinical year here. This makes us great resource for our classmates on the ‘what to do in Charleston’. Charlotte Wallace is a huge Clemson fan and enjoys playing tennis. Kyle Freeman also enjoys tennis and golf. Golf is a great hobby since there are many great courses in the area. Here’s to a great 4th year of residency.

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Third Year Residents:

Class Interests:
Our class has made a conscious effort to improve work-life-balance. When we are not focusing on work, we center our attention on our personal interests, which are playing tennis and golf, going to the beach, watching football and Bravo TV Network (Real Housewives), eating out, painting, shopping, exercising, and traveling. Going back to football, we have some alumni that continue to have loyalty to their college teams, such as the University of Florida, University of Kentucky, UGA, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Duke. Also, every Friday we meet up after work for happy hour at Fuel. It is now known as Fuel Friday. Lastly, we have an elected social chair who plans weekly activities for our class to partake in.

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Second Year Residents:

Class Interests:
Our class is enjoying our second year in radiology and getting to learn from our wonderful co-residents and faculty. We have loved getting to explore Charleston together. Some of our favorite things to do are try new restaurants with class happy hours, take our dogs to the dog park, watch football, surf, and talk about the latest entertainment gossip. We're lucky to have several classmates who have previously lived in Charleston to show us their favorite places!

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First Year Residents:

Class Interests:
We are an adventurous class with residents from as far as New Mexico, Kansas, Michigan, and Connecticut who are very excited to now call Charleston home. We have several avid boaters, golfers, tennis players, hikers, travelers, and aspiring surfers. Our class is also very dog friendly and loves spending time with our pups at outdoor restaurants/breweries or any of the local dog parks. We are so excited to be here and are looking forward to making connections and learning from our amazing faculty and upper-levels.

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