Current Radiology Residents

Fourth Year Residents:

Class Interests:
Our class is enjoying our second year in radiology and getting to learn from our wonderful co-residents and faculty. We have loved getting to explore Charleston together. Some of our favorite things to do are try new restaurants with class happy hours, take our dogs to the dog park, watch football, surf, and talk about the latest entertainment gossip. We're lucky to have several classmates who have previously lived in Charleston to show us their favorite places!

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Third Year Residents:

Class Interests:
We are an adventurous class with residents from as far as New Mexico, Kansas, Michigan, and Connecticut who are very excited to now call Charleston home. We have several avid boaters, golfers, tennis players, hikers, travelers, and aspiring surfers. Our class is also very dog friendly and loves spending time with our pups at outdoor restaurants/breweries or any of the local dog parks. We are so excited to be here and are looking forward to making connections and learning from our amazing faculty and upper-levels.

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Second Year Residents:

Class Interests:
Coming off a year of quarantine, our class wasted no time becoming fast friends. We have residents coming to Charleston from upstate New York to Southern California and everywhere in between. Many of us share similar interests such as surfing, golfing, and competitive running. Other interests within our class include video games, playing music, and watching sports games. We have a few classmates who are new proud parents, and several dog and pet parents as well. As a class, we are looking forward to bonding through the incredible and abundant food and beverage scene in the area with planned happy hours on a regular basis. Several residents have been in the area for the past year or more and are eager to share their insider knowledge of the area. Most importantly, we are all excited to begin our education in radiology at MUSC.

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First Year Residents:

Class Interests:
Coming soon...

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