Meet our Student Ambassadors!

The College of Medicine's Student Ambassadors Program connects current first-year medical students with prospective students to assist with the premedical experience, campus tours and admissions-related events.

If you are a prospective or admitted student and have a question for a current MD student, feel free to contact us at!

Class of 2026 Ambassador Leaders

Samantha Binder headshot

Samantha Bindner

Pawley's Island, SC

College: Vanderbilt University

Major: Neuroscience, Philosophy

Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because it felt like home. Every student and professor I spoke to have a story to share about their connection to the MUSC community, and I knew quickly that I wanted to be a part of this family. Being in a walkable, vibrant city by the beach doesn’t hurt!

Campus Involvement: I’m involved in several specialty interest groups, the Discussions in Medical Ethics club, Anki Club, and a neurosurgery research project.

Specialty Interest(s): I’m still very undecided, but right now I’m interested in neuro, anesthesia, psychiatry, or dermatology.

How do you best study: I find a spot with some natural light, shuffle my Spotify library, and hunker down with my friends for a few hours.

Favorite study spot: The new library is AMAZING, and I also love to try out local coffee shops.

How do you get to and from campus? I walk about 15 minutes from my house downtown.


Chapman headshot

Uriah Chapman

Columbia, SC

College: University of South Carolina

Major: Biology, Public Health, and Sociology

Campus Involvement: In addition to my role as a Lead Ambassador, I serve as the Rural Outreach Coordinator of the CARES Clinic.

Specialty Interest(s): Cardiology is at the top of my list. However, I am still open to that changing!

How do you best study? I’m a “big picture” guy. I love to use concept maps and textbooks to get a broad understanding of the material, then I fill in the smaller details with flashcards.

Favorite study spot: The library here is amazing, so I use it whenever I can!

How do you get to and from campus? Though I live very close to campus, I still drive.

Any advice to your younger self? Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Focus on serving well wherever your feet are and that will lead you to what’s next.

What surprised you about medical school? I was surprised at how manageable school is. Once you get the right habits and routines in place, it becomes very straightforward, and you can find so much enjoyment in it.


Kodali headshot

Prudhvi Kodali

Fort Mill, SC

College: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Major: Biology

Campus Involvement: Currently, I am in various specialty interest groups like ENT and Internal Medicine. I am a part of the Medical Ultrasound Group, Student Alliance for Equality, and involved in an orthopedic surgery research paper.

Specialty Interest(s): I am not entirely sure as of right now, but I am interested in surgery and Interventional radiology.

How do you best study: I tend to find an open table with a group of friends, play music on my headphones, and grab a cup of coffee!

Favorite study spot: Probably one of the new study group spaces in the library.

How do you get to and from campus? I drive about 15 or so minutes from West Ashley to class.

Any advice to your younger self? I would say not to give up no matter how difficult something may seem.

What surprised you about medical school? I think how closely-knit the community is and how often people go out of their way to offer help or support.


John Redhead headshot

John Redhead

Charlotte, NC

College: UNC Chapel Hill

Major: Psychology

Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because of the faculty and students. I worked at MUSC before starting school and had the opportunity to meet multiple faculty members. They were all overwhelmingly friendly and supportive. I knew a couple first-year students at the time, and they raved about the friendly environment between students and faculty as well as between medical students. I’m also a huge fan of downtown Charleston. Both the walkability and close proximity to cool restaurants and happy hours make it an awesome place to be.

Campus Involvement: Multiple interest groups, pickleball club, oncology research project, Latino Medical Student Association, and Medical Student Alumni Council

Specialty Interest(s): Internal medicine, ophthalmology, physical medicine and rehab

How do you best study? I prefer to study with other people nearby to keep me accountable.

Favorite study spot: The brand-new library

How do you get to and from campus? Walk

Any advice to your younger self?  Come into school with an open mind regarding new study techniques and new ways of learning.

What surprised you about medical school? How welcoming all the older medical students were and how easy it was to become friends with other first-year medical students.


The Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine Student Ambassador Program is a student leadership initiative through the Office of Admissions.

Student Ambassadors are current medical students who are passionate about improving the medical school admissions process and the applicants’ experiences. Student Ambassadors actively participate in the admissions process and represent the College in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Campus Tours – Providing campus tours to prospective applicants and visitors.
  • Communication – Interacting with prospective applicants to offer insight and guidance to the admissions process and the MUSC COM student experience.
  • Mentorship Programs – Partnering with the MUSC COM Group on Diversity Affairs in mentoring pathway program participants.
  • Information Sessions & Student Panels – Participating in various student panels to answer questions and offer insight into the MUSC COM student experience. Interview Day – Throughout the admissions cycle, ambassadors participate in weekly student panels for interviewing applicants.
  • Outreach & Recruitment – Participating in educational outreach initiatives to undergraduate, K-12 education, community groups, etc.

The Student Ambassador program is open to all MUSC COM students in good academic and professional standing. In the late Fall, first-year medical students are invited to apply to participate in the program.

Those selected will serve as Student Ambassadors throughout medical school, pending satisfactory academic and professional standing.

For questions or more information about the Student Ambassador Program contact Dawn White-Gamble, Admissions Counselor, at