Our team consists of nine fellowship-trained Neuroradiologists who strive to provide state-of-the-art neuroradiology imaging and imaging-guided procedures.


MUSC fellows and residents receive top-notch training in all aspects of neuroradiology. The educational opportunities in Neuroradiology include the following:

  • One year ACGME accredited Neuroradiology Fellowship 
  • Radiology resident training
  • Third and fourth year medical student rotations and lectures as well as a fourth year elective course 
  • Resident rotations from several disciplines, including Neurology, Ophthalmology, and Emergency Medicine among others
  • A one year neuroradiology fellowship


The Neuroradiology Division is committed to the development and validation of novel imaging techniques for the diagnosis of conditions of the brain, neck, and spine with the goal of advancing patient care. Several MUSC neuroradiology faculty members have appointments with the MUSC Center for Biomedical Imaging.


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