Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minimum USMLE score cut-off for applicants?

We do not maintain a minimum cut off.  We do look favorably on first-time pass. We prefer to evaluate the applicant using a wide array of indicators. Multiple failed attempts rarely obtain an interview without extraordinary additional accomplishments and proven recent clinical experience at the resident level in the U.S.

Do you sponsor a J1 or H1b visa?

Currently we sponsor primarily J1 visas. In unusual circumstances if an applicant is already on an H1 visa, or spousal H1 visa we would consider continuing that status if the applicant is otherwise qualified.

How many years past graduation would an applicant be considered?

There is no absolute cut off and we do not discriminate based on age. Preference is given to more recent grads and those with recent U.S. clinical experience, particularly in the field of psychiatry and primary care medicine. A track record of clinical work or scholarly activity in the field of psychiatry and neuroscience is weighted more highly than applications with no prior interest or experience in the field.    

Do you require US Clinical Experience?

U.S. clinical experience is highly regarded and adds to a candidate’s desirability. These applications are more competitive and more likely to earn an interview. Observerships are less helpful than actual clinical experience with patient responsibility. Significant research experience in the field can add weight to an application as well.

What are the average USMLE scores of candidates matched last year?

The average score is 215, but the range is very wide as the score is only one consideration in offering an interview and ranking an applicant. First time pass in all three USMLE steps is highly regarded. Multiple fails in any step will likely preclude an interview.

What percentage of residents are foreign medical graduates?

Between 5 and 7 percent of our residents come from non LCME International schools at any given point in time. 7-9% are graduates of US Osteopathic Schools.