How to Become a Donor

Becoming a research donor in SC is simple and free. Consider registering to receive helpful materials to share with your family. A Next of Kin may still donate a loved one to our program even if they were not registered.

Register in our Donor Program
Complete and return the Donor Registration Form (PDF)
Mail: Carroll A. Campbell Neuropathology Lab
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
171 Ashley Avenue MSC 908
Charleston, SC 29425-9080
Fax: 843-792-9447
After you register, we will send you a wallet-sized Donor Card and other helpful materials to aid in educating your family about your decision to donate to our research program.  Your legal Next of Kin will be responsible for initiating a direct research donation and must remember how to do so.

How to Initiate a Direct Research Donation (Make early contact if death is imminent)

In South Carolina, a legal Next of Kin or Guardian must consent to donate a loved one’s brain and organs after they have passed. This applies to registered donors and to donation from a loved one that was not registered.

Legal consent allows MUSC to:

  • Coordinate body transport.
  • Procure tissues and fluids (includes brain, temporal bones, nasal epithelium, eyes, visceral organs, skin and fluids like blood, cerebral spinal fluid, urine, lymph, and eye fluids).
  • Perform genetic testing for research purposes.
  • Acquire relevant medical records for research purposes.

Death must be declared by a certified nurse or county coroner representative before transport can occur
Quickly call 843-792-7867 and choose Option 1.
Our transport associate will assist the legal Next of Kin in the recorded consent process and in arranging body transport.
If possible, place a sealed bag of ice under the head (like a pillow). This placement cools the brain and significantly improves research.

MUSC reserves the right to refuse any donation and may consider special requests to preserve the integrity of research studies.