Student Council

The Student Council serves as the official means of communication between the student body of the College of Medicine and the faculty, administration, and MUSC community. The Council encourages the intellectual, social, and personal development of students in the College of Medicine, and above all, promotes the high esteem and ideals of the medical profession. The Student Council sponsors various social and service events during the year, such as orientation for incoming freshman, Careers in Medicine, and Faculty Excellence Awards.

Student Council Constitution (PDF)

The College of Medicine Student Council receives mail and messages through Alexzandrea Sanders in the College of Medicine Dean’s Office at 843-792-2063 or Visit the College of Medicine Dean's Office Contact Information webpage.

Confirmation of Good Standing

Students who are in good standing are confirmed by the College of Medicine Dean's Office. Students with failing averages in preclinical themes; incomplete grades in clinical rotations; current NBME exam failures; and students who are on academic or professional probation are not in good standing and may be restricted from privileges available to students who are in good standing.


For a list of COM specific and University -wide organizations, and guidelines for non-virtual activities, please visit Engage