Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL)

The Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL), located in the Institute of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina, has been certified by the College of American Pathology (CAP) for more than 20 years. It meets all regulatory standards, including CLIA, and is licensed to serve the States of South Carolina, New York, Florida, and California.

While focusing on blood and urine testing that has direct interest to Psychiatric and Addiction specialists, our affiliation with the main laboratory at the Medical University Hospital allows for a full complement of lab testing. We provide both clinical and grant/contract services for both internal and external clinicians, researchers, and entities.

The CNL has been internationally recognized for the development of the clinical utility of Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (%dCDT) for heavy alcohol consumption.

The CNL performed the initial work documenting the assay performance and clinical interpretation for FDA approval of %CDT in the Unites States. We have performed tens of thousands of CDT assays for clinicians, pharmaceutical company clinical trials, and federally funded studies, over the years. The CNL currently utilizes the HPLC procedure recommended by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry CDT workgroup for measurement of %dCDT, the current standard for CDT testing.

In 2022, the CNL began working with LC-MS to detect specific subtypes of drugs more accurately.  We currently are able to test for THC-COOH as well as CBD.  

The CNL has considerable experience in coordinating, managing, and interfacing, with individual clinicians, researchers, and contract laboratories (ex. Quintiles, Covance, LabCorp). This includes sample preparation, send out, sample receipt, data base management, and reporting. Managed by Lorie Robertson, the laboratory staff has a unique appreciation of how samples and reporting of results need to be handled. The CNL prides itself on the highest quality laboratory testing as well as exceptional customer service.