Center on Aging

The Center on Aging is a research, service, and education center at the Medical University of South Carolina. The center was approved by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education December 3, 1987, giving it the status of the oldest research center at the University.

Under the leadership of Interim Director, Dr. Heather Boger, the Center on Aging is committed promoting health, longevity, and improving the quality of life for South Carolina's seniors.

Annual Report

Strategic Goals

  • To serve as the center for interdisciplinary aging research and education across all colleges within MUSC
  • To optimize current and new technology and innovations for older adults in South Carolina
  • To promote communication and interaction with local and state-wide organizations to improve Health care access and research in the field of aging
  • To cultivate public and private partnerships to expand collaborative and entrepreneurial efforts in aging services
  • To connect the MUSC community of students, researchers, and practitioners


This mission of education, research and service include these immediate goals:


  • Organize interprofessional symposiums around age-related topics and concerns
  • Initiate interprofessional, collaborative opportunities across all MUSC colleges
  • Exp and geriatric education, including the Senior Mentor Program
  • Support volunteer opportunities for MUSC students in the field of senior services


  • Strengthen the network of aging research and Health care at MUSC
  • Establish interdisciplinary relationships with research teams at MUSC in conjunction with community partners
  • Develop a world-class aging center to generate innovative research
  • Create career development opportunities for young and mid-career faculty in areas of aging under the guidance of academic leaders
  • Collect community feedback to address need and explore various funding opportunities


  • Host age-related symposiums for the regional and state community
  • Conduct active, hands-on workshops to address the concerns of the community seniors
  • Serve as a trusted resource for information related to aging research, education, and Health care
  • Expand education and outreach for community programs
  • Curate a list of expert speakers to benefit community program