Choosing a specialty is a necessary, but not always easy, part of your medical school training. As you explore specialties, we recommend that you take advantage of the various resources available to you.

Careers in Medicine web site

The AAMC Careers in Medicine site guides you through understanding yourself, exploring your options, choosing a specialty, and applying to residency. The Choose Your Specialty section provides you with resources and tools to compare and rate potential specialties. We highly recommend that you explore this site and use the Choosing Your Specialty tool to rate how well a specialty fits into your interests, values, and goals. After you explore these resources, bring the information to your Academic Advisor to discuss your thoughts and career path.

*Use your AAMC ID to log in to the CiM site.

Student Interest Groups

Check with the many student interest groups (link) as a resource for exploring and learning more about specialties. The interest groups coordinate events and workshops, promote mentorship, and provide valuable networking opportunities.

All opportunities for engagement can be found in Engage (

Clinical Career Advisors

Each third-year student is assigned to a clinical career advisor in the fall semester of their third year. A required survey through MedHub will be sent to all students to identify their preferred specialty. Our office will work to assign each student with an advisor in their selected specialty to provide guidance and networking. Students are welcome to switch specialties and advisors at any point of the third year. A new advisor can be assigned once a request is submitted to the Careers in Medicine team (through MedHub).