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OBGYN Clerkship

The Obstetrics and Gynecology clerkship introduces students to core content that defines the practice of Women’s Health. During the 6-week clerkship, students will have the opportunity to interact with women in all stages of life, from adolescence through and beyond menopause. OBGYN provides a wide range of practice options while caring for women across their lifespan. Students will see patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings. For MUSC students, majority of the experience will take place at the downtown campus (SJCH, Main Hospital, Hollings, Rutledge Tower, and VA Hospital). Students will be assigned to work in the MUSC Women’s Health outpatient clinics in Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, Summerville or downtown campus. Students will be divided into 6 teams and each team will start on a different inpatient service. AnMed students' schedule will take place in Anderson and schedule will be provided by AnMed student coordinator or AnMed course director.

MUSC & AnMed Students will be provided an individualized schedule prior to orientation.

Overview of MUSC student experiences and requirements. AnMed experiences and requirements have * next to them but dates & times may vary. 

Inpatient Experiences (approx. 2 Weeks Each)

  • Antepartum: students will be exposed to patients who are admitted to the hospital during pregnancy or more complicated postpartum patients. Clinical responsibilities are Monday through Friday, no weekend responsibilities.
  • Labor and Delivery: students will have an opportunity to follow laboring patients, evaluate exam room patients, and help residents with consults on admitted patients and in the ED. Students will be assigned EITHER all L&D day shifts (7a-6p) or all L&D night float shifts (5p-8a).
  • Gynecology Oncology or Benign Gynecology:

Gynecology Oncology: is a very busy service with lots of very sick patients, and the students help is very valuable on this service. In turn, students can learn much about perioperative care, gynecologic cancers, chemotherapy, and inpatient care. Students will see a great blend of gynecology, surgery and medicine issues. Clinical responsibilities are Monday through Friday, no weekend responsibilities.

Benign Gynecology: students will have the opportunity to participate in inpatient rounding, operating room cases, and ED/hospital consults. Students may see a variety of gynecologic conditions such as acute heavy menstrual bleeding requiring transfusion, PID, pelvic pain, and postoperative care. Clinical responsibilities are Monday through Friday, no weekend responsibilities.

Outpatient Experiences

  • Faculty Practice Mentor Clinic: students will be assigned to work with one Benign Attending, Certified Nurse Midwife or Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner one half day each week at a MUSC Women’s Health outpatient clinic in Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, Summerville or Downtown.

Core Teaching Experiences

  • Grand Rounds: These take place on Tuesday at 7:30am and student attendance is required.
  • Student Learning Teams (SLT)*: students will be assigned to one of three teams, which will meet weekly on Tuesday from 9-11am. Each learning team has a pair of faculty leaders. During each session, a faculty member will guide students through a series of case-based scenarios that cover key learning objectives for 3rd year medical students. Guidance is provided for preparation for each group.
  • Suture Workshop: Obgyn Residents teach a knot-tying and suturing class once during the clerkship.
  • Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) Lecture: given by a MUSC/Coastal Fertility Specialists faculty.
  • Unstable Patient Simulation: As a team, students identifies an unstable patient and must demonstrate their knowledge and skills in assisting the patient. Afterwards, Dr. Cowherd will review the scenario with the team and provide feedback.
  • Independent Study Curriculum*: High yield video, modules, case files & question bank that students may not be exposed to on the clerkship.

Additional Clerkship Requirements

  • Midpoint Feedback*: students will receive a midpoint card that must be completed by an Obgyn Faculty or Resident. The card will be submitted during Midpoint check in with the CD
  • Observations Card (4)*: Obgyn Faculty member must observe a student performing a Pelvic exam, Breast exam, Obstetric History & Gynecologic and Sexual History
  • Obgyn Procedure and Diagnoses log*: required observed Obgyn procedures and diagnoses, submitted in MedHub
  • SOAP note card: a minimum of 6 SOAP notes must be written and reviewed by Faculty & Residents
  • Feedback card: written feedback by Faculty & Residents on inpatient & outpatient service
  • OSCE*: on the last Wednesday of the clerkship
  • NBME*: on the last Friday of the clerkship

Detailed expectations, requirements, grading policy and schedules are located on Brightspace.

MUSC Obgyn clerkship adheres to all College of Medicine policies & procedures

Andrea Shrader, Ob/Gyn Clerkship Coordinator