Cardiovascular Imaging

Our diverse international team consists of board certified clinicians (radiologists, adult and pediatric cardiologists), some of whom have been amongst the pioneers of cardiovascular CT and MRI applications. With imaging experience spanning decades, some of our faculty have been in this field since the advent of advanced CT and MRI imaging of the chest, heart and vessels. Several of our faculty hold advanced doctorates (Ph.D.) in imaging research, and our director, Dr. Schoepf has been named the “Most Influential Radiology Researcher” by various media.


We take pride in providing comprehensive education by leaders in the field of cardiovascular imaging for our residents and fellows. Besides offering personal teaching and case review on a daily basis, we encourage our colleagues in training to participate in cutting-edge clinical research. We also educate medical students rotating through our division during their third and fourth year courses. 

Our Division is dedicated to educating tomorrow’s clinicians, researchers and imaging personnel. Our trainees receive one-on-one instruction by award-winning educators and leaders in the field of cardiovascular imaging. Our medical students, residents, fellows, as well as visiting clinicians and scholars, have access to the most cutting-edge imaging technologies and benefit from hands-on experience in image acquisition and post-processing. Our faculty is actively involved in the continued education of technologists and nurses to build a well-informed and prepared team that provides excellent patient care.


Cardiovascular research using the newest technological innovations is a major component of our Division. Our cutting edge equipment, novel scanning modes/sequences, advanced 4-dimensional image post-processing, quantitative and parametric imaging are all centered around three major goals:

  • Accurate and early detection of disease using novel imaging biomarkers.
  • Improving patient safety (e.g. radiation dose reduction and contrast media dose reduction) and imaging efficacy.
  • Transitioning these advances into clinical routine to provide optimal patient care.

Our division is dedicated to the collaborative research of cutting-edge imaging technologies to provide optimal imaging in clinical routine. We use the newest scanner generations to provide fast examinations with lowest radiation exposure and contrast material volume to achieve highest patient satisfaction. Our projects range from single-center evaluation of emerging technologies to multi-center outcome and metadata analysis.

  • Dose reduction techniques in third-generation cardiac CT
  • Dual-Energy CT Post-Processing Algorithms for Myocardial Tissue and Plaque Characterization
  • Diagnostic accuracy of third-generation CT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging compared to SPECT and Invasive Catheter Angiography
  • T1 Mapping for Myocardial Tissue Characterization