Wellness Opportunities for Faculty, Staff and Trainees

Wellness Opportunities

Department of Surgery Faculty and Resident Wellness Program

The Department of Surgery is committed to improving the wellness of residents and faculty. MUSC has an active and dedicated Wellness Group with faculty sponsor Dr. Andrea Abbott. The group welcomes members from all PGY classes. They work as a liaison, voicing resident concerns and securing Department funds and creative solutions to meet the wellness needs of our residents. The Wellness Initiative also organizes inclusive social events for the entire resident complement. Biannual surveys evaluate for burnout and wellness among residents so that timely improvement and initiatives can be enacted.

Department of Surgery Wellness Forum

MUSC Department of Surgery faculty and residents are encouraged to attend the Monthly Wellness Forum on Teams (Net ID required). The meeting occurs on the first Tuesday of the month from 4 - 4:30 p.m. The wellness committee, spearheaded by Drs. Quinn, Siegel and Abbott, welcome new ideas and ways to improve. 

 MUSC Employee Wellness Program 

The Employee Wellness Program at MUSC strives to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle for our employees, making the healthy choice the easy choice. We integrate activities into our daily work, allocate resources toward healthy initiatives, and re-work policies with the intention of enhancing the health and well-being of the MUSC community from the inside out. By developing programs geared towards the health of our employees, we are helping to change what’s possible within our community. Read about our Provider and Faculty Burnout Resources

Physical Fitness Across Campus: Through our participation in the SC Working Well program, MUSC Office of Health Promotion has been working to establishing a culture of wellness where being active is the norm by providing access and opportunity for physical activity during the workday. There are many opportunities to move during the work day, including taking advantage of Holy Spokes Bike Share, the MUSC Medical Mile, Indoor Wellness Walk, MUSC Fitness Park, and joining the Wellness Center and take advantage of their employee-only express membership. 

Emotional Health is just as important as nutrition and physical activity, and fulfillment in your emotional health contributes to a satisfying and successful life. Check out the list of services that MUSC offers for your emotional health and that of your loved ones. 

The College of Medicine Wellness Program

The Student Wellness Program for the MUSC College of Medicine exists to cultivate a culture of wellness and increase student’s productivity by empowering individuals to be self-managers of their health. Our program is designed to promote the well-being and resiliency of our medical students.

The College of Medicine takes pride in its identity as a school focused on the individual learning experience and the well-being of its students. The curriculum is rigorous and demanding, and students must work very hard to meet all standards. Providing excellent student support is imperative and is realized through the work of many College of Medicine administrators, faculty, and deeply committed student wellness leaders who strive to prioritize meeting the needs of students.