Addiction Sciences Research Studies

Leaders in the field of alcohol and chemical dependency research are conducting studies at MUSC.

Current topics under study include:

• Alcohol, tobacco, and drug craving, withdrawal, and/or relapse prevention
• Brain circuitry underlying the addictive process
• Treatment of co-occurring PTSD and addiction
• The influence of stress on alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis, and other substance cravings
• New medications for alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, cocaine, opioid, and other substance use disorders
• E-cigarette use/effects
• The use of real-time interventions on substance use
• The influence of alcohol and other substances on the developing adolescent brain in both humans and animals
• Biological markers of heavy alcohol use
• Structural and functional brain changes associated with the transition from substance initiation to substance use disorders

If you are looking to reduce or end your alcohol use, please contact the IMPACT Lab to learn about treatment studies that are available.