Internal Medicine and Psychiatry Residency Training Program

Welcome to the official website of the combined Internal Medicine and Psychiatry residency training program at the Medical University of South Carolina. We are located in the beautiful coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina. Since our start in 1996, the program has grown and developed, and focuses upon integrative medicine, education, and patient care. This 5-year training exposes each trainee to 30 months of internal medicine and psychiatry rotations which are strategically organized to foster academic growth, research, and professional development preparing physicians for a wide variety of careers. The interests of the program are at the interface of medical and mental illness and focuses upon a comprehensive approach to patient care. Our presence is profoundly felt on the campus and we receive equal support from both the internal medicine and psychiatry programs through collaborative relationships. We are fortunate to have dually-trained faculty who provide a great deal of support and resources to the program and to our residents. The residency program currently supports 10 trainees.

Photo of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry Residents