Reproductive Psychiatry Fellowship


Our program has trained:

  • 72 medical students
  • 58 psychiatry residents
  • 4 fellows in reproductive psychiatry

Reproductive Psychiatry Fellowship

Despite the significant morbidity and mortality associated with peripartum mental health problems, Health care providers are not well trained to address the mental health needs of this population. Multi-disciplinary training in the identification, assessment, and pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments for pregnant and postpartum women is critically needed to reduce the significant morbidity and mortality associated with peripartum mental illness. Completion of a one year, sub-specialty training program in Reproductive Psychiatry meets this critical need.

Description of the Fellowship:
Physicians who have completed residency training in Psychiatry or Obstetrics and Gynecology will receive an additional one-year training in Reproductive Psychiatry. Training will include weekly didactics and clinical supervision including the assessment and diagnosis of mental health problems in pregnancy and postpartum including mood, anxiety, psychotic, and substance use disorders as well as chronic pain and prescription opioid management. In addition, didactics, and supervision will specifically address the appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments for this population. Care of patients will include initial consultation, medication management, and when appropriate psychotherapy. The position will be supported by ancillary services (therapists, social worker, advanced nurse practitioner). All clinical services with appropriate supervision will be provided to patients in-person or via telemedicine in an outpatient obstetrical setting.

Fellows are encouraged to explore and develop additional clinical or clinical research interests as they relate to Women’s Mental Health across the lifespan. Fellowship training experiences can be tailored to the individual’s clinical and clinical research interests in Women’s Mental Health and the program’s ongoing research studies.

If you are interested in applying for the fellowship, please contact: Dr. Constance Guille at