Research Projects


CNDD research projects will study the genetic, molecular, cellular, and brain circuit mechanisms underlying risk and pathology of brain development disorders. By promoting excellence in basic and translational NDD-related research for both established investigators and early stage investigators, the CNDD will advance research capacity through the following key goals: 1) provide high-impact mentorship and training, 2) enhance relevant research infrastructure, and 3) support an interdisciplinary, collaborative research environment that brings together basic, translational, and clinical researchers at MUSC and across SC to improve the health and well-being of affected individuals. The CNDD will support 4-5 research projects developed by talented Research Project Leaders (RPLs) studying different aspects of neurodevelopment. The following research projects were selected based on CNDD thematic relevance, publication and grant track-record, and potential for successful transition to independence.

Research Project 1: Sato
Research Project 2: Wilkerson
Research Project 3: Albayram
Research Project 4: Berto
Research Project 5: Azevedo