Training Curriculum

Our program offers a high level of flexibility in the rotation schedule. Apart from the requirements for accreditation, our fellows have adequate time to pursue more broad training in geriatric psychiatry or a more specialized focus if desired. Fellows have ample time for structured didactics, as well as to pursue their own academic interests and process improvement projects.

Training takes place in several distinctive clinical environments including:

The Institute of Psychiatry, MUSC medical hospitals, Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Lowcountry Center for Veterans Research, and numerous community nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Rotation opportunities include the following:

  • Inpatient geriatric psychiatry
  • Outpatient geriatric psychiatry continuity clinic
  • Multidisciplinary memory disorders clinic
  • Consultation-Liaison psychiatry
  • Palliative Care
  • Brain Stimulation including Electroconvulsive Therapy and TMS
  • Nursing home and assisted living consultations
  • Interdisciplinary clinic for Parkinson’s disease
  • Community mental health
  • Clinical research in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Movement Disorders Clinic
  • Behavioral Neurology