Department of Public Health Sciences hero with group of students in robes.


We would like to welcome you as a new student to the Department of Public Health Sciences.

One MPH student presents information from a large monitor to six other students seated around the collaborative area

Below you will find a listing of MUSC links to help you navigate through essential student services and public health research support sites. In our department, we have students studying to earn a Master of Public Health degree in 4 semesters, as well as a Master of Science or a Ph.D. in the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

MPH students plan events for National Public Health week during the first week of April each year, and they work on internships at local state health agencies, local non-profits, overseas sites, or in various departments at MUSC. Ph.D. and MS students work on research in their field of interest in public health, serve as teaching assistants for MPH courses, and earn real world work experience in the nationally acclaimed Data Coordination Unit housed in our department.