Nephrology transplant team with patient

Division of Nephrology

The Division of Nephrology at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in historic Charleston has a long and notable history in the study of and potential treatments for kidney disease. In 2023, MUSC Health was once again recognized as high-performing in kidney failure by U.S. News & World Report. Division faculty have worked diligently to foster this reputation by providing excellent clinical care, building a nationally prominent research program, and creating a stimulating educational environment for future nephrologists. 


The Division of Nephrology ACGME-approved Fellowship Training Program is a two-year training program directed by Natalie Freidin, M.D. Each year five clinical fellows are accepted into the training program and are exposed to an extensive range of renal conditions and pathologies.

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Division faculty are leaders in their respective areas of research which span such varied interests as renal anemia, chronic kidney disease, glomerular diseases, apheresis, global health, prevention of kidney stones and renal vasculitis, complex hypertension, lipopheresis, peritoneal dialysis, and polycystic kidney disease. Active collaborations between clinicians and basic scientists are ongoing, and collaborations with faculty from other divisions and departments are common. Division faculty have expertise in clinical trials, whole animal models of renal disease, human and animal genetics, signal transduction, confocal microscopy, renal physiology, proteomics, biomarkers of renal diseases, glomerular disease, renal cystic disease, and the role of the renin-angiotensin system in renal disease.

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Patient Care

Physicians in the Division of Nephrology see clinical patients at Ashley River Tower, University Hospital, the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, and a number of satellite dialysis units, which are managed in partnership between the division and Dialysis Clinic Incorporated (DCI). Each year, MUSC nephrologists care for approximately 450 chronic dialysis patients in eight DCI outpatient hemodialysis units, the DCI home dialysis program, and the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Hospital (VAMC).

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Kidney Transplant Program

Established more than 30 years ago, the kidney transplant program at MUSC has continued to expand. Under the direction of transplant medical director, Michael Casey, M.D., and kidney transplant surgical director Joseph Scalea, M.D., the renal transplant program performs over 400 transplants per year, rating it in the top five most active transplant programs nationally. Learn more about MUSC Health's Kidney Transplant Program.