Surgical Oncology Research

The surgical oncology research section is composed of four highly interactive research laboratories focused on developing novel cancer therapies with a bench to bedside translational approach. Areas of priority include:  cancer immunotherapy, tumor angiogenesis, and the development of human tumor models to predict drug efficacy. All four laboratories are highly integrated between themselves and with other research groups within the Hollings Cancer Center.

Surgical Oncology Laboratories:

E. Ramsay Camp, M.D. 

The physician - scientists and researchers in Dr. Camp's Lab at MUSC are conducting research aimed at identifying new treatments for colorectal cancer.

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Nancy DeMore, M.D. FACS

Dr. DeMore studies angiogenesis as it relates to tumor progression and develops novel angiogenesis inhibitors.

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Shikhar Mehrotra, Ph.D.

Dr. Mehrotra studies mechanisms for T cell immunity, T cell tolerance and how these can be modulated to control tumor and autoimmunity. 

Mark P. Rubinstein, Ph.D.

Mark P. Rubinstein, Ph.D. and his team are focused on developing novel immune-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. 

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