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The Department of Anesthesia's “can-do” mentality along with all that our beautiful city has to offer creates a wonderful environment in which to train, work and live.

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) that have been administering quality anesthesia since 1963 at the Medical University of South Carolina. The CRNAs and Anesthesiologists work together using the Anesthesia Care Team Model. The Anesthesia Care Team Model allows the department to deliver over 37,000 anesthetics annually in a safe and efficient manner utilizing the specific skills of each of the team members. As the department has grown, the CRNA staff has been an integral part of the increasing regional and national reputation that the department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine has experienced. Currently the department has over 70 CRNAs on staff that are dedicated to providing safe, compassionate, excellent care for our patients. 

As professionals, CRNA’s provide a variety of anesthesia techniques both within the operating rooms and throughout the hospital. Under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, CRNAs monitor every function of your body and individually modify the anesthetic during the entire procedure to ensure patient comfort and safety. CRNAs are important members of the department’s anesthesia specialty teams in the areas of adult cardiac, pediatrics, pediatric cardiac, and ambulatory.

MUSC CRNAs also participate in training and educating future anesthesia providers attending MUSC’s Anesthesia for Nurses Program. Several of our CRNAs have held, or are currently holding both national and state association leadership positions. Many of our CRNAs serve as speakers for regional and national meetings advancing our education and clinical skill knowledge.

We are proud of our contributions and reputation in the innovation of nurse anesthesia practice occurring within the department. Our outstanding service and dedication promote MUSC’s mission for quality patient care, education of our future colleagues, and research to continually advance and change what’s possible in Health care.

Meet Our Staff

University Main Hospital CRNAs

Dennis McKenna, Chief Nurse Anesthetist

Kevin Atchinson
Michele Ballister
Brittany Benson
Shana Black
Emily Burton
Jill Carmichael
Leslie Cerenzia
Alyssa Cleveland
Christine Coe
Kyle Comley
Susan Craven
Rhiannan Davis
Tina (Singer) Davis
Matthew Daylami
Chris Devine
Julie Eastman
Jennifer Hale
Helen Harman
Aaron Huber
Dana Huber
Elizabeth Jennings
Samantha Kinninger
Kim Kirby
Dacy Mackenzie
Hal Mahaffee
Lynn Mclnerny
Dennis McKenna
Rita Meyers
Theresa Morgan
Jennifer Moylan
Angie Mund
Shelley Richardson
Marianna Ross
Ragan Saxton
Michael Schroeder
Hannah Secunda
Joey Seymour
Mike Sloan
Any Smith
Ben Sokol
Kathy Sowards
Erin Straughan
Paige Thompson
Pat Tobin
Samuel Tripp
Laure Ubelhoer
Zach Vsinic
Adrianne West
Tamara Weis
Ray White
Sarah White

Ashley River Tower CRNAs

Jennifer Jones, Chief Nurse Anesthetist

Chris Amoroso
Karin Bierling-Slowey
Ginger Brister
Elizabeth (Liz) Byrd
Jennifer Caldwell
Jennie Cannon
Annette Cooper
Donna Embrey
Amy Frattaroli
Susan Groome
Susan Heath
Susan Holum
Candace Jaruzel
Jennifer Jones
Lester Kitten
Rachel Lynn
Tim McAdams
Allyn Miller-James
Karen Motley
Ulrika O’Neil
Don Pagley
Melissa Paladino
Any Schmoll
Nanette Stafford
Margaret Stark
Jane Swing
Jodi Webber
Regan Weston

Rutledge Tower CRNAs

Tammy Lamont, Chief Nurse Anesthetist

Leslie Ancrum
Bethany Bradley
Robin Buchanan
Kathy Comley
Keara Cox
Deb Feller
Myra Frick
Alexandra Garcia
Lawton Hirsch
Greg Ivy
Chris Keto
Alice Michaux
Nancy Nessmith-Kitten

Anesthesia Techs

University Main Hospital Techs

Jaime Sayers, Supervisor (UH/RT)
Michael Abatantiono
Treffe Beaupre
Eric Beckett
Marcus Berry
John Billingsley
Shanequa Carter
Karolina Chmielewski
Jamere Daniels
Aamad Hamilton
Patrick Hurley
Robert Ingraham
Darrell Jenkins
Mxolisi Msibi
Christopher Ravenell
Lisa Vargo
Brittney Whaley

Rutledge Tower Techs

Kari Platts
Jacquita Smith