Neuroscience Graduate Program Overview

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New PhD students with an interest in neuroscience are accepted into the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) which includes the Neuroscience PhD Program as well as nine other training programs. All PhD students in CGS are required to participate in the first-year curriculum that is designed to provide a broad interdisciplinary background devoted predominantly to the principles of the basic sciences. All PhD students in the Neuroscience program are also required to participate in each of the Neuroscience courses (NSCS) listed in year 1 including: Fundamentals of Neuroscience (NSCS 730); Neuroscience Seminar (NSCS 780); and Human Neuroanatomy (NSCS 737).

Neuroscience PhD student requirements checklist (PDF file)

The Neuroscience Institute also participates in the Medical Scientist Training Program in which the student earns both the MD and PhD degrees. While emphasis is placed on the doctoral degree, an MS degree is offered on a limited basis.

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