Current SCPPRN Projects

Adolescent Vaccine Next Steps

  • SCPPRN is partnering with the Oklahoma Child Health
    Research Network (OCHRN) and the Oklahoma Physician’s Resource/Research Network (OKPRN) to design a new study evaluating a communications intervention to improve vaccine delivery in adolescents by evaluating types of provider recommendations.  
  • Surveys will be distributed to providers to identify patterns of vaccine recommendation. 
  • We will also survey front office staff regarding attitudes about vaccines and to parents to identify responses to vaccine recommendations. 
  • At the practice level, an audit of the immunization rate at a clinic will also be conducted.

 “PLEASE” Study  

  • 14 SCPPRN practices are partnering with MUSC Division of Neonatology in an effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial to study the Promotion of Lactation Education, Access, and Support Efforts for Pre-term Infants (“PLEASE”).
  • This study aims to determine if pediatric clinic-based lactation counseling support improves preterm infant’s intake of MM post-hospital discharge.
  • This study also evaluates the strategies adopted in the outpatient setting to deliver a specialized pediatric lactation support and care.
  • Mothers of infants are surveyed 5 times via telephone through 6 months post discharge regarding their feeding of their infants.
  • Growth and illness data is also collected from the infant’s medical record.

Childhood Obesity Survey of South Carolina Providers

  • This study will assess current management of childhood obesity in pediatric practices and provider’s use of technology.
  • Beliefs of whether technology could help providers become more effective will also be assessed along with provider’s willingness to use technology to help patients adopt healthier lifestyles in the future.

 Electronic Data Capture

  • MUSC Division of General Pediatrics is partnering with the Care Coordination Institute (CCI) to develop a repository of pediatric practice data.
  • We have developed “report cards” to allow practices to view their performance on core quality measures as designated by Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA).