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Pediatric Pulmonology

The division of Pediatric Pulmonology provides diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of respiratory illnesses. Additionally, the clinical and research faculty and collaborators have strong research interests in cystic fibrosis (CF), surfactant deficiencies, asthma and airway inflammation and participate actively in laboratory-based research projects with NIH and other sources of funding.

Division Programs

  • Comprehensive Cystic Fibrosis Center
    This Center is accredited by the National CF Foundation (CFF) and consists of both Pediatric and Adult programs. Both programs provide highest quality, multi-disciplinary care to patients with CF throughout the state. Patients in the Pediatric CF clinic are seen by the comprehensive team, including pediatrics-focused pulmonologists, nurses, nutritionist, social worker, respiratory therapist, genetics counselor, and pharmacist. Patients have ready access to the latest advances in therapy as well as the opportunity to participate in multiple drug trials sponsored by the CFF. There is close linkage to other specialties (such as ENT and the Sinus Center, gastroenterology, surgery, psychiatry, rehabilitation, etc.). “Operation Independence” is an innovative transition program for patients approaching the need for care in the adult CF Center.

  • Asthma Center
    The Children’s Asthma Center focuses on improving outcomes for children with asthma throughout MUSC. Not only is there a strong outpatient clinical program in the Children’s pulmonary clinic, but also there is a strong collaborative effort between Pediatric Pulmonology, the MUSC Pediatric emergency department, the Division of General Pediatrics with their resident clinics and the Pediatric Hospitalist group. In addition to provision of the best patient care, a major goal is consistency in approach to asthma throughout the institution, whether inpatient or outpatient. The Center utilizes a group of certified asthma educators to establish standard protocols for asthma treatment and for coordination of follow-up that will optimize the asthma care provided to all children seen at MUSC. The team has expanded out of the MUSC Children’s Hospital and Clinic into community schools. There is close cooperation between the asthma team and Charleston school nurses.

Research Programs

Pediatric Pulmonary Biology
Program director: John E. Baatz, PhD
Research focus: Developmental pulmonary biology, cystic fibrosis, lung injury and inflammation, lung toxicity and disease indigenous to South Carolina and to Southeastern coastal regions.

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