Community Clinical Services Center

The Community Clinical Services Center provides outpatient mental health care on the MUSC campus, and at community and institutional settings locally and around the state, conducts research relevant to community mental health services, supports student, resident, and fellow education, and provides general clinical telepsychiatry services to local and state agencies. Clinical settings include the following:

Community Psychiatry Clinic

The mission of the Community Psychiatry Clinic is to provide high quality clinical care to members of our community. We offer services to adults, children, and their families. We collaborate with providers throughout the health system in order to deliver comprehensive and evidenced based behavioral health treatment. Our team is multidisciplinary and routinely consists of a mix of providers from the following mental health professions: social work, professional counseling, nursing, physician assistants, and psychiatrists.

General Adult Psychiatry Clinic

The mission of the General Adult Psychiatry Clinic is to provide mental health care for adults in an outpatient setting. In addition, this clinic provides an environment which promotes clinical education under the supervision of teaching faculty members for third and fourth-year psychiatry residents. Training includes the development of diagnostic skills and treatment planning, along with the use of various psychotherapy techniques and appropriate psychopharmacological agents. The training experience aims to help residents acquire critical practice management skills applicable to a real-world setting.

South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC)

The CPSPD provides psychiatric medication management services at clinics in two local area SCDC institutions and to other SCDC institutions in the state via telepsychiatry links.

South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (SCDJJ)

The CPSPD provides psychiatric medication management services at a clinic in the local area SCDJJ facility and conducts the psychiatric component of assessments at one of the SCDJJ evaluation centers.