Lab Life


Kourtidis Lab at Catherine's birthday gathering 
Celebrating Catherine’s birthday and having Lab breakfast under Charleston’s balmy Fall! From left to right: Joyce, Catherine, Christina, Alyssa, DJ, Amanda (November 2021).
Kourtidis Lab at Amanda's birthday gathering 
Celebrating Amanda’s birthday during Lab meeting! From left to right: DJ, Christina, Joyce, Amanda, Alyssa, Catherine (October 2021).
Kourtidis Lab at Alyssa's birthday gathering 
Alyssa presenting Lab meeting AND having her birthday celebrated with the appropriate cupcakes! From left to right: Catherine, Amanda, Joyce, Alyssa (August 2021).
Kourtidis Lab get together 
Long overdue Lab get-together at Antonis’s place to celebrate grants, fellowships, papers and the chance to have fun together, during a summer of almost zero COVID cases! (July 2021).
Kourtidis Lab at breakfast in the urban farm 
First lab outing in a while and after a year of pandemic scare! Lab breakfast at MUSC’s Urban Farm. From left to right: Antonis, Catherine, Joyce, Christina, Alyssa (May 2021)..
Kourtidis Lab at Joyce's birthday gathering 
With COVID cases falling and all of us being vaccinated, we celebrate Joyce’s birthday with a full cake and unmasked! From left to right: Alyssa, Amanda, Catherine, Joyce (May 2021).
Lab members of the Kourtidis lab superimposed on an Avangers background. 
Since we couldn’t take a real group photo during the pandemic from up close, we decided to do something fun…Go LAB AVENGERS! (Fall 2020).
Alyssa and Amanda enjoying socially distanced birthday celebrations 
Socially distanced birthdays with cupcakes! Alyssa is on the left, Amanda on the right (Fall 2020).
Kourtidis lab celebtrating remotely by Zoom 
Happy Hour in the Year of the COVID-19 to celebrate our recently awarded grants and a new publication! From top left to bottom: Amanda, Antonis, Katie, Catherine, Joyce (April 2020...).
Jensen, Joyce, Antonis, Catherine, and Amanda njoying a lunch together before COVID  
Lab eating (last before COVID hit…) to celebrate Jensen’s rotation - from left to right: Jensen, Joyce, Antonis, Catherine, Amanda (February 2020).

Summer 2019 gathering in the Kourtidis Lab 
Summer of 2019 was busy and exciting! From left to right: Catherine, Maddie, Trevor, Antonis, Joyce, Valentina, Amanda, celebrating some great science and camaraderie.
Amanda and Catherine at the AACR Meeting in 2019 
Amanda and Catherine presenting at the AACR in Atlanta, 2019.  Great meeting!
Kourtidis Lab at Shem Creek relaxing 
Celebrating grant Awards and Joyce's birthday!  Antonis, Catherine, Joyce, Amanda - May 2018.
Kourtidis Lab relaxing at lunch 
Lab outing to celebrate Catherine's T32 Award: Antonis, Paul, Joyce, and Catherine - Summer 2017.
Catherine standing by her poster 
Catherine presenting at the 2017 ASCB-EMBO meeting in Philadelphia.
Joyce doing science 
Joyce doing science.
Amanda and her cultures 
Amanda and her cultures.
Catherine thinking science 
Catherine, thinking science.
Solar eclipse Charleston August 2017 
Solar eclipse, Charleston, August 2017.
Rainbow over campus (or what you see when the data are good) 
Rainbow over campus (or what you see, when the data are good).