Conversation between researchers beside poster presentations

Seminar Series Schedule 2020

As part of our effort to expand interest in digestive disease and liver research on campus, we have created two Seminar Series through the DDRCC Enrichment Program. This includes the GI Grand Rounds series hosted by the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in the Department of Medicine and select presentations in the Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology Department seminar series. These series feature presentations from internationally renowned investigators, whose research exploits innovative approaches in the study and treatment of digestive and liver disease. 

DDRCC / CDLD / GI and Hepatology Grand Rounds

Virtual Grand Rounds- Fall 2020 7 a.m. EST on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Title
09/09/20 Joseph Elmunzer M.D., M.Sc., MUSC GI manifestations of COVID 19: a multicenter study
09/16/20 Don Rockey, M.D., MUSC The molecular basis of portal hypertension
09/23/20 David Whitcomb, M.D., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Genetics in pancreatitis
09/30/20 Peter Cotton, M.D., MUSC How flexible endoscopy began
10/07/20 William Lee, M.D., UT Southwestern Medical Center Update on Hepatitis E - 2020
10/14/20 Wayne Jonas, M.D., Integrative Health Program Placebo, pain, and healing: evidence and implications
10/21/20 Fellows, MUSC  
10/28/20 Anne Marie O'Broin Lennon MBBCh, M.D., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Medicine Potential and challenges of screening for cancer with a blood test
11/04/20 Andrew Brock M.D., MUSC Update in deep enteroscopy
11/11/20 Sachin Wani, M.D., UC Denver New directions in Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma
12/09/20 Fellows, MUSC  

DDRCC / CDLD / Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology Virtual Seminar Series

Date Presenter Title
09/02/20 Alejandro Adam, Ph.D., Albany Medical Center IL-6-induced vascular leakage and multiorgan dysfunction
09/09/20 Duncan lab: James Heslop, Ph.D. GATA6 controls endoderm fate by controlling chromatin accessibility
09/16/20 Hans Clevers, M.D., Ph.D., University Medical Center and Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands Organoids to model human disease
09/23/20  Stephan Huveneers, Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Endothelial adhesions and forces in cancer cell invasion and pluripotency
09/30/20 Mary Estes, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine Translating Stem Cell Biology to Understand Human Gastrointestinal Infections
10/07/20 Johanna Ivaska, Ph.D., University of Turku, Finland Seeing the invisible: adhesions and forces in cancer cell invasion and pluripotency
10/14/20 Bernd Schnabl, M.D., School of Medicine, UCSD Translating microbiota research into therapies for human liver disease
10/21/20 Elda Grabocka, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University and Kimmel Cancer Center Stress granules: a stress-adaptive mechanism in KRAS-driven pancreatic tumorigenesis
10/28/20 Antonis Kourtidis, Ph.D. Novel functions of cadherin complexes
11/04/20 Carolina Eliscovich, Ph.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine TBA
11/11/20 Kristy Red-Horse, Ph.D., Stanford University TBA
11/18/20 Jorge Munera, Ph.D..  TBA
12/02/20 Fiona Watt, FRS, FMedSci, King's College London, UK TBA
12/09/20 Jiandie Lin, Ph.D., University of Michigan Medical School TBA
12/16/20 Ge Tao, Ph.D. TBA
01/20/21 Henry Sucov, Ph.D. TBA
02/17/21 Chip Norris, Ph.D. TBA
03/17/21 Naohiro Yamaguchi, Ph.D. TBA
03/31/21 Robin Muise-Helmericks, Ph.D. TBA
04/21/20 Yukiko Sugi, Ph.D. BMP-Notch signaling interaction in AV valvulogenesis and valve disease progression
05/19/21 Andy Wessels, Ph.D. TBA