Conversation between researchers beside poster presentations

Seminar Series Schedule 2021-2022

As part of our effort to expand interest in digestive disease and liver research on campus, we have created two Seminar Series through the DDRCC Enrichment Program. This includes the GI Grand Rounds series hosted by the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in the Department of Medicine and select presentations in the Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology Department seminar series. These series feature presentations from internationally renowned investigators, whose research exploits innovative approaches in the study and treatment of digestive and liver disease. 

DDRCC / CDLD / GI and Hepatology Grand Rounds

Virtual Grand Rounds: Fall 2021 - Spring 2022  7 a.m. EST on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Title
09/15/21 Peter C. Cotton, M.D., Digestive Disease Center, MUSC How ERCP began, 50 years ago.
09/22/21 Lars Aabakken, M.D., Ph.D., Oslo University Hospital, Norway Endoscopy in sub-Sahara Africa - WEO and others’ efforts to make a difference.
09/29/21 Maria T. Abreu, M.D., University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Translating discoveries to the care of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases
10/06/21 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
10/13/21 Michael P. Manns, M.D., Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany Autoimmune hepatitis: from pathophysiology to future therapies
10/20/21 Paul Fockens, M.D., Ph.D., Universiteit van Amsterdam Management of papillary adenomas
10/27/21 Florence Wong, M.D., M.B.B.S., University of Toronto An update on the treatment of ascites in cirrhosis: Is it drains, or TIPS or pump?
11/03/21 William Chey, M.D., University of Michigan Integrated care models of IBS – what, why and how
11/10/21 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
11/17/21 John Morris, M.B., Ch.B., Glasgow University School of Medicine Lesion detection and decision making in UGI neoplasia
11/24/21 Anna Lok, M.D., University of Michigan Current and future treatment of Hepatitis B
12/1/21 Stacey Maurer, Ph.D., and Brian Haver, Psy, M.P.H., MUSC CBT-GI: Cognitive behavioral therapy for gastrointestinal conditions
12/08/21 Ryan Stidham, M.D., M.Sc., University of Michigan Artificial intelligence in inflammatory bowel disease
12/15/21 Theo Heller, M.D., NIDDK Non-cirrhotic portal hypertension: it is all about the pressure!
12/22/21 12/29/21 Holiday No seminar
01/05/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
01/12/22 William Bulsiewicz, M.D., M.Sci., Lowcountry GI Personalized Nutrition: Where we are today and where this is going soon.
01/19/22 Jennifer F. Waljee, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., University of Michigan Educating the next generation
01/26/21 Jacques Bergman, M.D., Ph.D., University of Amsterdam Duodenal ablation for treatment of type-II diabetes.
02/02/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
02/09/22 Thomas Werth, M.D., MUSC HepatoRenal Syndrome and the Never-ending Promise of Terlipressin
02/16/22 Shyam Varadarajulu, M.D., Orlando Health Digestive Health Institute Endoscopic management of pancreatic fluid collections
02/23/22 Field F. Willingham, M.D., M.P.H., Emory University Early Esophageal Cancer
03/02/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
03/09/22 Thomas Rösch, M.D., University of Hamburg Endotherapy of early gastric cancer: expanding the limits
03/16/22 Shiv Kumar Sarin, M.D., D.M., D.Sc., Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF): terminology and management in 2022
03/23/22 Raf Bischopps, M.D., UZ Leuven, Leuven, Belgium Quality measurement in colonoscopy: why and how
03/30/22 Peter Draganov, M.D., University of Florida What is new in our endoscopy armamentarium
04/06/22 Robert Hawes, M.D., Orlando Health
NOTES and its impact
04/13/22 Horst Neuhaus, M.D., Evangelisches Krankenhaus Dusseldorf, Germany Cholangio-pancreatoscopy: when is it needed?
04/20/22 C. Paul Swain, M.D., Imperial College, London My endoscopy inventions
04/27/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
05/04/22 Christopher B. Williams, M.D., St. Marks Hospital, London How colonoscopy began
05/11/22 Gregory Ginsberg, M.D., University of Pennsylvania Benign refractory esophageal strictures
05/18/22 Ian Penman, M.D., University of Edinburgh Barrett's: what now, where next?
05/25/22 Angus Watson, M.D., University of Aberdeen, Scotland Colon capsule endoscopy
06/01/22 Todd Baron, M.D., University of North Carolina EUS-guided interventions
06/08/22 David Katzka, M.D., Columbia University School of Medicine New insights into eosinophilic esophagitis
06/15/22 Paul Watkins, M.D., University of North Carolina Why good drugs are sometimes bad for the liver

DDRCC / CDLD / Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology Virtual Seminar Series

Virtual Seminars: Fall 2021 - Spring 2022  11 am EST on Wednesday

Full schedule and details available at the Regenerative Medicine Department Seminar website

Date Presenter Title
09/15/21 Roy Parker, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder RNP granules in health and disease
09/22/21 Scott Summers, Ph.D., University of Utah Ceramides and the two phases of lipotoxicity
09/29/21 Ramesh A. Shivdasani, M.D., Ph.D.,Harvard Medical School Epigenetic exploration of Barrett’s esophagus and gastric intestinal metaplasia
10/06/21 Mindy Engevik, Ph.D., MUSC First contact: the role of the intestinal mucus layer in microbiota-host interactions*
10/13/21 Kathryn E. Hamilton, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania IMP-licating RNA binding proteins in intestinal epithelial regeneration
10/27/21 Mark R. Frey, Ph.D., University of Southern California Dynamic regulation of cell differentiation in the gut epithelium
11/03/21 Amy Engevik, Ph.D., MUSC Dissecting the role of Myosin Vb in mucus and drug efflux*
11/10/21  Wayne Lencer, M.D., Harvard Medical School Mucosal absorption of therapeutic peptides enabled by harnessing the endogenous sorting of glycosphingolipids
11/17/21 David Merryman, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Emerging mechanobiological strategies for treating cardiopulmonary disease
11/24/21 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday
12/1/21 George Daley, M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Blood from a petri dish
01/12/22 Xavier Trepat, Ph.D., Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia Mechanobiology of intestinal organoids
01/19/22 Antonis Kourtidis, Ph.D., MUSC Colon cell mechanoregulation through and adherens junction-associated RNAi machinery*
02/02/22 Silvia Guglietta, Ph.D., MUSC COMPLEMENTing innate immunity to achieve gut health in intestinal diseases and beyond*
02/09/22 Marino Zerial, Ph.D., Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics Mechanisms of hepatocyte polarization and liver tissue morphogenesis
02/16/22 Gabriel Nuñez, Ph.D., University of Michigan Host-microbiota interactions in health and disease 
02/23/22 Mahmood Hussain, Ph. D., NYU Long Island School of Medicine Role of MTP and lipid metabolism
03/02/22 Silvia Vilarinho, M.D., Ph.D., Yale School of Medicine Genes, genomes and liver disease
03/16/22 Randy Schekman, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley Selective protein sorting into exosomes: a role in cell differentiation and a possible tool in genome editing.
03/30/22 Hao Zhu, M.D., University of Texas, Southwestern Cellular and genetic contributions to regeneration in healthy and diseased livers
04/20/22 Yasuko Iwakiri, Ph.D., Yale School of Medicine Hepatic lymphatics in health and disease
05/11/22 Joseph Hyser, Ph. D., Baylor College of Medicine A HOSTile takeover of Ca2+ signaling during enteric virus infections
05/18/22 Anna Mae Diehl, M.D., Duke University School of Medicine Metabolic reprogramming and liver repair
*Works in progress seminar