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Seminar Series Schedule 2021-2022

As part of our effort to expand interest in digestive disease and liver research on campus, we have created two Seminar Series through the DDRCC Enrichment Program. This includes the GI Grand Rounds series hosted by the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in the Department of Medicine and select presentations in the Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology Department seminar series. These series feature presentations from internationally renowned investigators, whose research exploits innovative approaches in the study and treatment of digestive and liver disease. 

DDRCC / CDLD / GI and Hepatology Grand Rounds

Virtual Grand Rounds: Fall 2022 - Spring 2023  7 a.m. EST on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Title
09/21/22 Jerome Waye, M.D., Mt Sinai Hospital, NY Colonoscopy: the end is in sight.
09/28/22 Ashli O'Rourke, M.D., MUSC The clinical utility of high resolution pharyngeal manometry
10/05/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
10/12/22 Kevin S. Hughes, M.D., MUSC Bringing cancer genetic testing into standard GI practice
10/19/22 Nikhil Kumta, M.D., M.S., Mt Sinai Health System Endoscopic management of obesity
11/02/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
11/09/22 Einar Bjornsson, M.D., Ph.D., University of Iceland Leveraging Iceland's epidemiological horsepower in gastroenterology and hepatology
11/16/22 Andrew Chan, M.D., M.P.H., Harvard Medical School Precision prevention of colorectal cancer with aspirin
11/23/22 THANKSGIVING No Seminar
11/30/22 Vivek Kaul, M.D., University of Rochester Early detection of pancreatic cancer
12/07/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
12/14/22 Zachary Henry, M.D., M.S., University of Virginia Managing gastric varices in the age of IR
01/04/23 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
01/11/23 Benjamin Kuhn, D.O., MUSC / Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital Eosinophilic Esophagitis: To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge
01/18/23 Heather Simpson, M.D., MUSC Hepatitis C: epidemiology and management
01/25/23 William P. Lancaster, M.D., MUSC Management of biliary obstruction in patients with cholangiocarcinoma
02/01/22 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
02/08/23 Bernadette Marriott, Ph.D., MUSC Dietary supplements in the US; regulation, use and science
02/15/23 Samir Gupta, M.D., UCSD Surveillance after colorectal polypectomy: past, present, and future
02/22/23 Garth Swanson, M.D., M.S., Rush University / MUSC It’s about time. Sleep and circadian rhythms in IBD
03/01/23  GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service 
03/08/23 Thomas Curran, M.D., M.P.H., MUSC Diverticulitis. Role of antibiotics and when to consider surgery
03/15/23 Hamed Khalili, M.D., M.P.H., Harvard Medical School Microscopic colitis?”
03/22/23 George Verne, M.D., Univ. of Tennessee Intestinal hyperpermeability: a gateway to gastrointestinal dysfunction
03/29/23 Katherine Morgan, M.D., MUSC Surgery for chronic pancreatitis
04/12/23 Thomas Werth, M.D., MUSC Severe alcoholic hepatitis. treatment and when liver transplant is appropriate

DDRCC / CDLD / Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology Virtual Seminar Series

Virtual Seminars: Fall 2022 - Spring 2023  11 am EST on Wednesday

Full schedule and details available at the Regenerative Medicine Department Seminar website

Date Presenter Title
08/31/22 Michele Battle, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin Examining GATA4's role in the gastrointestinal epithelium
09/07/22 Stephen Duncan, DPhil, MUSC A human iPSC-derived hepatocyte screen identifies a new class of molecules that inhibit production of apolipoprotein B*
09/14/22 Jacco van Rheenan, Ph.D., Netherlands Cancer Institute Filming the fate of cells that carry mutations in oncogenic driver genes
09/28/22 Michael J. Grey, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School ER stress at mucosal surfaces--impact on epithelial development, host-microbe interactions, and host defense
10/05/22 Takako Makita, Ph.D, MUSC New insights into enteric nervous system development and disease*
10/19/22 Kris DeMali, Ph.D., University of Iowa Mechanisms linking mechanotransduction and metabolism
10/26/22 Alexis Stamatikos, Ph.D., Clemson University Developing atheroprotective strategies that target endothelial cells
11/09/22  Katie Chetta, M.D., MUSC Free fatty acids, lipid-protein complexes, and intestinal toxicity in the preterm infant
11/16/22 Andrea McClatchey, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Intrinsic cellular heterogeneity in morphogenesis and tumorigenesis
12/07/22 Jim Luyendyk, Ph.D., Michigan State University Mechanisms linking blood coagulation to liver regeneration: from mice to patients
01/11/23 Joseph M. Miano, Ph.D., Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University Regulation and function of the SRF-Myocardin transcriptional switch
01/25/23 Yuan Zhai, M.D., Ph.D., MUSC The innate immune regulation of liver ischemia/reperfusion injury
02/01/23 Arianne Theiss, Ph.D., University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Mitochondrial dysfunction as a driver of intestinal inflammation
02/08/23 Eunyoung Choi, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine De novo cancer-initiating cells in gastric carcinogenesis
*Works in progress seminar