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Seminar Series Schedule 2023-2024

As part of our effort to expand interest in digestive disease and liver research on campus, we have created two Seminar Series through the DDRCC Enrichment Program. This includes the GI Grand Rounds series hosted by the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in the Department of Medicine and select presentations in the Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology Department seminar series. These series feature presentations from internationally renowned investigators, whose research exploits innovative approaches in the study and treatment of digestive and liver disease. 

DDRCC / CDLD / GI and Hepatology Grand Rounds

Virtual Grand Rounds: Fall 2023 - Spring 2024  7 a.m. EST on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Title
09/06/23 Garth Swanson, M.D., MUSC Precision medicine in IBD
09/13/23 Joan Culpepper-Morgan, M.D., Harlem Hospital, NY, NY Behavioral interviewing
09/20/23 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
09/27/23 Colin Rees, M.D., University of Newcastle Colorectal cancer screening, prevention and early diagnosis research
10/04/23 Neil Sharma, M.D., Indiana University The role of EUS in pancreatic cancer. Past, present and future
10/11/23 Kofi Oppong, M.D., Newcastle University
The role of EUS and EUS-FNB in the diagnosis of autoimmune pancreatitis
10/18/23 Amol Sharma, M.D., Augusta University Intercepting the gut-brain axis for diabetic gastroparesis
10/25/23 Michael Heneghan, M.D., King's College Liver disease in pregnancy
11/01/23 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
11/08/23 Linda Sharp, M.D., Newcastle University Epidemiology of GI cancer (postponed)
11/15/23 Andrew Hardie, M.D., MUSC Update on body imaging: dual energy and photon counting CT
12/06/23 Andrew Brock, M.D., MUSC  Small bowel capsule endoscopy
12/13/23 Peter Cotton, M.D., MUSC  Gastroenterology in seven decades: some highlights and reflections
01/03/23 GI & Hepatology Fellows, MUSC
Case Conference: GI & Hepatology Service
01/24/24 Juan-Carolos Garcia-Pagan, M.D., Ph.D., Hospital Clinic Barcelona TIPS for EVH
01/31/24 Jihad Obeid, M.D., MUSC Leveraging AI for clinical research using EHRs and clinical text
02/07/24 Noa Cleveland, M.D., University of Chicago Novel approaches to imaging in IBD
03/13/24 Linda Sharp, M.D., Newcastle University Epidemiology of GI cancer

DDRCC / CDLD / Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology Virtual Seminar Series

Virtual Seminars: Fall 2023 - Spring 2024  11 am EST on Wednesday

Full schedule and details available at the Regenerative Medicine Department Seminar website

Date Presenter Title
09/13/23 Lu Han, Ph.D., MUSC Persistence of the fetal splanchnic program in the adult pancreatic fibroblasts during homeostasis and tumorigenesis
10/04/23 Daysha Ferrer-Torres, Ph.D., University of Michigan In vitro models of the human esophagus reveal ancestrally diverse response to injury
10/11/23 Andrei Ivanov, Ph.D., Cleveland Clinic Cytoskeletal regulation of epithelial barrier integrity and host-pathogen interactions in the gut
10/18/23 Kyle S. McCommis, Ph.D., St Louis University School of Medicine Inhibition of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier in metabolic diseases
11/15/23 Garth R. Swanson, M.D., MUSC It’s about time: intestinal homeostasis in IBD
11/29/23 S. Paul Monga, M.D., Pittsburgh Liver Center Beta-catenin and hepatocellular cancer
12/13/23 Victoria Weis, Ph.D., Wake Forest University School of Medicine Intestinal diseases in the NICU: novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for necrotizing enterocolitis
01/10/23 Heather Francis, Ph.D., Indiana University Fanning the flames within: mast cells and the intricate pathways of liver fibrosis
02/14/23 Asma Nusrat, M.D., University of Michigan Plasticity of the epithelial barrier: insights into junctional signaling events and repair
*Works in progress seminar