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Department of Public Health Sciences

The Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS) is an academic unit of the College of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. The Department is a collaborative, collegial, and diverse group of scholars who value excellence in its academic missions of research, teaching, and professional service. We foster education at multiple levels, including our three doctoral and five master’s programs, while we enhance the training of public health leaders as agents of change.

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DPHS Alumni

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience studying for my PhD in epidemiology at MUSC DPHS. I received strong statistical training for an epidemiologist, which has already been an advantage for me in subsequent career steps. There were many resources and opportunities to research and practice public health within MUSC and local communities alike.

Matt Bozigar, PhD

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During my time as an MPH student in the Department of Public Health Sciences @ MUSC, I developed & refined competencies across multiple academic disciplines and formed invaluable relationships with expert faculty, professional staff and colleagues similarly dedicated to promoting the health of populations.

Ronnie Chatterjee, MPH

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The MUSC DPHS faculty and students foster a collaborative community that inspires the next generation of public health researchers and practitioners. Not a day goes by that I do not learn something new in this program, whether from a faculty member or peer.

Garrett Stang, Public Health Society President

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I was very interested in clinical trials and the DCU seemed like the perfect fit for pursuing a career as a clinical trial biostatistician.

Berlene Shipes, PhD

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Our classmates all had diverse backgrounds ranging from medical fellows, some right out of undergrad, and some that have been working in public health for years. The professors genuinely wanted us to learn and made sure that we understood the material.

Megan Stover, MPH

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MUSC Drug Discovery Building

Research in DPHS

Research endeavors in Public Health Sciences cover a variety of topics including cancer research, autoimmune diseases, obesity, environmental effects, and many more. Anything and everything affecting the health of the public is of interest to DPHS investigators. Through our own NIH funded research and collaborations with many other institutions across the globe, DPHS seeks to understand anything and everything relating to the health of us all.

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