Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina

New DSC logoThe Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina (DSC) serves as a national leader in the coordination of public efforts to identify and manage diabetes mellitus. Signed into law by the Governor of South Carolina in July 1994, the DSC provides diabetes management tools and educational programs with the goal of reducing complications and cost burdens for South Carolinians who suffer from this incurable chronic disease. The Initiative represents a unique melding of private, state, and federal resources and agencies working toward this common goal.

DSC Board & Councils

  • Board of Directors: Chaired by Timothy Lyons, M.D., the Board of Directors oversees all activities of the Center of Excellence Council, Outreach Council, Surveillance Council, and all appointed Committees.
  • Outreach Council: Oversees and directs efforts in patient education and primary care on a community level.
  • Surveillance Council: Responsible for acquiring, analyzing and distributing epidemiologic information about diabetes.

Join the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDCES) Database

To join the CDCES database, please email Joye Louie at leejoy@musc.edu.

The database can be found here (PDF). 

Reports & Data

For additional information, including the DSC Annual Report and Strategic Plan, please contact Joye Louie at leejoy@musc.edu.