Simulation is essential to modern surgical education. The mission of our surgery simulation curriculum is to cultivate the technical and cognitive skills development of our bright surgical trainees in an environment optimally focused on their education. The goal of simulation training is to improve quality of delivered care and patient safety, while empowering the capable surgeons of tomorrow. 

Our curriculum is tailored per resident level to ensure our residents feel prepared for the cases they will be participating in on a daily basis, before they walk into the operating room. 

Residents will have the opportunity to practice skills related to open surgery, laparoscopy, and robotics. There is a mix of non-anatomic and ex-vivo tissue labs. The MUSC Simulation Center is an official FLS testing center.  We also offer curriculum and training in flexible endoscopy to prepare residents for FES certification and the opportunity to achieve a certification in robotics through a graduated curriculum completed both through simulation, online didactics, and console cases.