Charleston Alcohol Research Center

The Charleston Alcohol Research Center (ARC) is a P50 Center supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). The ARC, first established in 1995, has received continual funding from NIAAA that will continue through 2025.

Multidisciplinary, integrative, and translationally-oriented research approaches are hallmark features of our Center. The ARC fosters a vibrant, collaborative scientific environment in which basic science researchers and clinical investigators work together on a common programmatic line of research focused on alcohol treatment related issues. The ARC is comprised of five research projects and three cores. Preclinical and clinical research projects are all focused on understanding changes in the brain that underlie the transition from moderate social drinking to uncontrolled excessive alcohol consumption.

The Charleston ARC continues its national leadership role and demonstrated success in:

  • Fostering multidisciplinary and translational state-of-the-art research efforts that are thematically-focused on alcohol treatment related research.
  • Attracting new (especially early-stage) investigators into the Center, thereby invigorating and expanding the scope of its research efforts.
  • Providing a stimulating intellectual environment that enriches training opportunities and professional development for the next generation of researchers in the alcohol field.