Pulmonary and Critical Care Research Lab


Research in the MUSC Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Sleep Medicine covers the spectrum of basic mechanisms of disease, translational research, clinical trials, and outcomes research. Areas of particular emphasis include interstitial lung diseases, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, critical illness, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, and rare lung diseases.

Our research program also leverages the numerous resources available within MUSC, including the South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research Institute (NIH Clinical Translational Science Award), MUSC Center for Health Disparities Research, and the Charleston VA HSR&D Centers of Innovation (COIN). MUSC was awarded a SC Center of Economic Excellence in Inflammation and Fibrosis with goal of developing new therapies for inflammatory and fibrosing conditions. To accelerate research, a $10 million renovation of the 9th floor Clinical Sciences Building was completed in 2015. The new laboratory space now houses a multidisciplinary group of researchers focusing on inflammation and fibrosis that will maximize shared equipment and facilitate collaborative research.

Research Labs and Centers

Critical Care Research Group: 

The MUSC Critical Care Research program includes a number of multidisciplinary foci that span the breadth of the translational research spectrum.  In collaboration with basic scientists in the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine, Dr. Goodwin investigates the causes of endothelial dysfunction in sepsis-related organ failure using both in vitro and in vivo mouse models (T0) as well as the analysis of plasma collected from patients with sepsis and ARDS cared for in MUSC ICUs (T1). 

Thoracic Oncology Research Group:

Learn more about Dr. Gerard Silvestri's Thoracic Oncology Research lab at MUSC.

Rare Lung Disease and COPD Research Group:

Learn more about Dr. Charlie Strange's Rare Lung Disease and COPD Research lab at MUSC.


Lab of Dr. Patrick Flume

Lab of Dr. Gerard Silvestri

Lab of Dr. Charlie Strange

Lab of Dr. Nichole Tanner