Genomic and Bioinformatic Core (GBC)

With the rapid emergence of next generation sequencing approaches, including the recent advances in single-cell and spatial multi-omics, investigators need access to a robust genomic and bioinformatic core that facilitate the experimental development and computational analyses. Genomics have been “game-changers” for our emerging understanding of idiopathic disorders like ASD and ID. The objectives of the GBC will be to provide technical assistance, computational infrastructure, and training opportunities for RPLs and CNDD investigators. The core is directed by Dr. Cowan, who has experience in core management and most modern genomics and epigenomics approaches. In addition, Drs. Berto and Wilkerson provide extensive experience with single-cell genomic and epigenomic approaches, gene co-expression network analysis, gene function enrichment, disease-associated genomic enrichment analyses, and data integration. CNDD RPLs and their labs will be: 1) mentored in bioinformatic experimental design, 2) provided access to a trained bioinformatician who can perform the studies for the JIs and/or train the RPL lab members in the data analysis approaches, and 3) given access to critical computational infrastructure. Finally, the GBC will continue to expand its services and computational infrastructure, as determined through self-evaluation and assessment of new technologies requested by CNDD investigators.