Current Residents: PGY-3

Nnamdi Azih 

Nnamdi Azih, M.D.

Morehouse School of Medicine

Keegan Bakos 

Keegan Bakos, M.D.

Wright State University

Emily Bay 

Emily Bay, M.D. (Med-Psych)

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Kent Broussard 

Kent Broussard, M.D.

Louisiana State University

Profile of Charish Buffa 

Charish Buffa, M.D. (Med-Peds)

Morehouse School of Medicine

Jensie Harley 

Jensie Burton M.D.

University of Virginia

Giordano Cittolin 

Giordano Cittolin Santos, M.D., Ph.D.

Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul

Bradley Collins 

Bradley Collins, D.O.

University of Pikeville

Kelly Engle 

Kelly Engle, M.D.

University of South Carolina

Bianca Farley 

Bianca Farley, M.D.

Morehouse School of Medicine

Erickson Galvan 

Erickson Galvan, M.D.

Morehouse School of Medicine

Mona Haj 

Mona Haj, M.D.

American University of Beirut

Sarah Huse 

Sarah Huse, D.O.

Liberty University

Maya Malaab 

Maya Malaab, M.D.

American University of Beirut

Kristen Miller 

Kristen Miller, M.D.

Medical University of South Carolina

Shaurya Prakash 

Shaurya Prakash, M.D.

University of Virginia

Jon Puchalla 

Jon Puchalla, M.D.

University of Minnesota

Taylor Remillard 

Taylor Remillard, M.D.

State University of New York

Regan Roat 

Regan Roat, M.D., Ph.D.

University of South Dakota

Colin Russell 

Colin Russell, M.D.

University of Maryland

Hampton Sasser 

Hampton Sasser, M.D.

Medical University of South Carolina

Daniel Schumacher 

Daniel Schumacher, D.O.

University of New England

Laura Smallcomb 

Laura Smallcomb, M.D. (Med-Peds)

Drexel University

Jordan Spencer 

Jodan Spencer, D.O. (Med-Psych)

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

John Stewart 

John Stewart, D.O.

Liberty University

Molly Stone 

Molly Stone, M.D. (Med-Peds)

University of Alabama

Patrick Strickland 

Patrick Strickland, M.D.

Emory University

Connor Sweetnam 

Connor Sweetnam, M.D.

Medical College of Georgia

Sophia Urban 

Sophia Urban, M.D. (Med-Peds)

Eastern Virginia

Megan Veglia 

Megan Veglia, M.D.

Penn State University

Haily Vora 

Haily Vora, M.D.

East Carolina University