Research Facilities

The departments within the Neuroscience Institute are housed in modern research and teaching facilities on a compact, very walkable campus. Each member of the faculty occupies a research laboratory well-equipped for the particular area of investigation. Specialized equipment and facilities available within the departments include MR imaging (7T animal and 3T human), in vivo multiphoton, mass spectroscopy proteomic analysis, tissue culture, confocal and multiphoton microscopy, quantitative imaging facility, electrophysiology laboratories, and equipment for circuitry and behavioral analysis. Students are provided with individual study areas in addition to research space in the laboratory of the student mentor.

The single most important experience the University can make possible for its students is the opportunity to discover new knowledge through research. To do this, the Neuroscience Institute offers advanced courses in biomedical research; encourages students to apply research techniques in resource-rich laboratories and provides instructional guidance in tutorial settings appropriate to graduate research projects. Guided by their imagination, students will use methodology to explore science and create new knowledge. Research is the art of discovery that brings:

  • Mastery of impartial inquiry skills
  • Creation of new knowledge
  • Informed judgments
  • Expression of original ideas
  • Benefits to a constantly changing society